Apartment 5S - (Cake)

Luke Hemmings had a pretty average life if he must say so himself, he a job at a local music store that paid pretty well, his own home dwelling space and a very supportive family. Little did he know everything could change with one single accident. Calum was an ordinary young adult looking forward to finding a job and moving into his own home dwelling. Both of their lives will begin to change. Starring.. • One Direction • The 5 Seconds Of Summer boys • Extras


6. Chapter 6

Luke's POV:

"Before you guys talk about Calum, can you please explain to me why I was chosen to be a ghost and what I'm supposed to be doing? I've been trying to figure out everything on my own and it's so confusing." I said while putting my head in my hands sighing loudly. I felt someone sit next to me and rub small circles on my back trying to comfort me. I looked up to see Harry smiling softly at me.

"Honestly no one knows why we're chosen to be ghost it just happens to certain people, not everyone gets to be like you and I. Try not to think of it as a misfortune and trust me everything will go by smooth." Harry started off, then he looked at Louis and gave him a small nod. 

"Yeah I agree with Harry only thinking of the bad will make it worse for yourself." Louis chimed in. I got curious as to how they met each other, it couldn't hurt to ask right? "Well how did you and Harry meet?; You guys seem like you've known each other for eternity." I said with a curious expression. 

Louis smiled, "We haven't known each other for a very long time, just about 4 years and a half. We met when I was doing my very first assignment, I was looking after a guy named Niall he was going through a really tough time that involved heavy anxiety, severe depression and even sometimes he would take drugs. That's where Harry stepped in, he was Niall's best friend. He started supporting him and tried to make him cut off the drugs and all. While he did that, it was my job to make sure Niall was mental state okay because it could effect his physical state. Eventually Niall thought it was best to tell Harry about me and I agreed that it was time for me to reveal myself to him-" I had to ask him something before he continued any longer with the story any longer.

"Wait how can you do that?" I asked with a confused expression. "Do what, reveal yourself?" Louis asked and I nodded.

"Oh that's easy all you have to do is concentrate on revealing yourself to that individual or whoever it is. You won't be able to do it unless you've got enough energy though but just get as much rest as you can get and you're good to go." he said while giving me a small smile. I nodded sounds easy enough. 

"So is that what I'm going to be doing, watching Calum's mental state and making sure his not doing anything to harm himself?" I asked looking down at my hands. "Yeah but don't worry me and Harry will come around sometimes to make sure everything is okay, after all it is you're first time being a ghost you have a lot to learn still." Louis said. I must say I'm relived to have them here helping me with everything but if they weren't here I'd be a total wreck. I got cut out of my thoughts by Harry talking. 

"Well, it's time for us to go Louis" he said while looking over at him. They both got up before walking over to me and giving me a goodbye hug and a small pat on the back. "We'll be back later tonight or tomorrow morning, alright?" Louis said to me. I nodded and gave them a small wave. 

Louis grabbed Harry's hand and they began to fade away, I sat back on the couch exhaling trying to process everything they just told me. 

Baby steps Luke, baby steps. 


Quick Author's Note: I hope you guys are enjoying this book so far.  Don't forget to leave feedback in the comments and also tell your friends about this book! But anyways hold freaking crap I got 36k reads on "Must Be" I couldn't have gotten that far without you guys! Thank you so much.

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