Apartment 5S - (Cake) ON HOLD

Luke Hemmings had a pretty average life if he must say so himself, he a job at a local music store that paid pretty well, his own home dwelling space and a very supportive family.

Little did he know everything could change with one single accident.

Calum was an ordinary young adult looking forward to finding a job and moving into his own home dwelling.

Both of their lives will begin to change.

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• The 5 Seconds Of Summer boys
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2. Chapter 2

Luke's POV

I stood there in complete utter shock, I witnessed my own body laying on that hospital bed lifeless as ever. I didn't know what to do, how was I still here? Am I ghost or something? I was interrupted out of my thoughts once I saw something out of the corner of my eye I noticed the door knob jiggle and eventually open, and a nurse walked in, I walked over to her trying to see what was going on. "Hello, ma'am?" 

Nothing. She just kept walking over to my hospital bed.

Once she reached the bed, she grabbed a thin blanket and threw it over my body covering me from head to toe. She had sympathy on her eyes as she looked at my covered body before walking back out probably to get someone to move me to get me ready for the mortician. 

"Please! Come back! Why aren't you talking back?", I tried to place a hand on her shoulder but it just went right through, she stopped in her tracks and shivered for a quick second. She took the time to look around the room before walking back out the room. "What the heck was that?" I thought to myself, I looked down at my hands in disbelief what's going on?

"Hello!" a voice called out interrupting my thoughts, I jumped up and turned to see who was there. There stood a brown fluffy headed guy with blue eyes and slight stubble upon his face. He smiled softly and walked closer to me cautiously. 

"I'm Louis, you're probably wondering what's going on to you and how it happened don't worry I'm here to help you" he said softly to me. He could see and communicate with me? This is freaky. I couldn't say anything, I just nodded at him with my wide eyes still trying to process everything. 


Calum's POV 

I groaned in frustration and slammed my laptop shut planting my head in my hands. I've been trying to look for apartments that were available for at least a good price.

'Ring! ... Ring! ... Ring!...'

I looked over at my phone and read the name that was displayed across the screen, it read Michael so I answered it. 

"Dude! I'm gonna send you an address and I need you to get your ass here as soon as possible!" my friend, Michael screeched through the phone and hung up immediately. What the heck? What was his problem? 2 minutes later he sent me an address through text message, guess I'll find out now then. I grabbed my keys and told my mom I was leaving to meet up with Michael, I walked out closing the door behind me. 

This is gonna be a long day. 


Quick Author's Note: Please don't kill me I'm updating again tonight, I was supposed to update this chapter last night but I forgot to publish it. 

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