Apartment 5S - (Cake) ON HOLD

Luke Hemmings had a pretty average life if he must say so himself, he a job at a local music store that paid pretty well, his own home dwelling space and a very supportive family.

Little did he know everything could change with one single accident.

Calum was an ordinary young adult looking forward to finding a job and moving into his own home dwelling.

Both of their lives will begin to change.

• One Direction
• The 5 Seconds Of Summer boys
• Extras


1. Chapter 1

Quick Author's Note:Thanks to all of my supporters from my first book, "Must Be" I hope you guys tune in and stay for this book also. WARNING, there will be slight smut later in this book so don't be shocked when the part/chapter comes, okay? Anyways let's get into this.

Luke's POV:



Black, that's all I saw. I couldn't see where I was.. was I dead

"His flat-lining!" an unfamiliar voice yelled out to someone, what's going on? All I could hear was muffled noises and voices I couldn't make out what anyone was saying. Suddenly a shining light started to appear in the ambiguous darkness, the light was so bright I couldn't bare the sight of it so I squinted and moved my hand over to my eyes flinching away. 

I started to notice the light simmering down so I removed my hand from my eyes to take a peek at what's going on, little did I know I was certainly in a hospital room staring down at my own body. Great. 

Let's back track to what happened, shall we? 


"Ha ha ha, look it's a giraffe!" Patrick's voice screamed out to Spongebob and Squidward, yes I was watching sponge-bob it was the only good thing on right now, don't judge me. I let out a small chuckle as I brung the spoon full of cereal to my mouth and taking a bite.

'Beep! Beep! Beep!'

I slightly jumped at the sudden noise blaring throughout the living-room area, I turned to see a notification from my phone reminding me I had to get ready for work. Sighing, I got up and placed my bowl of cereal in the sink washing it of course then running up the stairs to take a quick shower before heading out.  

Before entering the bathroom I always get my outfit ready, so I shrugged my way over to the closet and looking for what to wear. I concentrated while looking through my wardrobe finally deciding on some black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, and all black flannel. I sat my clothes on bed and went into the bathroom doing my daily bathroom routine which consisted of brushing my teeth, showering and trying to make myself look presentable. 

After spending 15 minutes in the shower I stepped out to go toward the mirror cringing at the sight of my hair, it was flat and stringy as a mop. After taming my hair down and putting it back into a quiff I went into my room and got ready. By the time I was done changing I reached over the bed to grab my phone that I plugged up before showering, I read the time that was across the lockscreen. 

9:45 A.M. Shit. I have 15 minutes before my shift starts and I don't even have my cup of coffee I need to start my day of work. Oh well, coffee is worth it, looks like I'm just gonna have to be late.

I quickly grabbed a grey beanie and slipped on my black and white low-top vans before grabbing my keys and wallet. 

Nice job starting off your morning, dickhead. 

When I walked out to my car I noticed how good it felt outside, not to hot, not to cold yet breezy. Nice.

I unlocked my car door by pressing the button on the small remote on my key-chain, entering the car. I started it up and repeatedly kept reminding myself how I needed to hurry so I could grab my coffee and make it to the music store. 


Who knew coffee was this great, coffee is my life besides music of course. I sipped one last time before setting it in the cup compartment of the car and pulling out of the Starbucks' parking lot, now to the music store. 

I turned up some tunes just to make my mood a little better, I started bobbing my head to the sound of blink-182's new song "Bored to death" blasting through the speakers. Did you know they got back together to make more music? Awesome, right? 

I tapped my fingers along to the beat on the steering wheel waiting for the red light to turn green, when it did I stopped tapping on the steering wheel and focused on the road again, just when I was about to turn out of the corner of my eye I spotted a car hurling towards my car in a fast motion. 


I felt the car moving, tossing and turning off the side of the road, finally coming to a stop when it crashed into a big oak tree. I heard people calling out for me asking if I was okay, I couldn't respond my body felt numb and I was too exhausted. "Sir please answer me, are you okay?"

"I'm calling the police right now!"

I slowly turned my head in the direction of the voices. I was straining my eyes to make a clear visual of what I was looking at, but suddenly I started seeing black spots dance across my vision.

All I could see was black.


Quick Author's Note: I think this kinda sucked, I'm not really sure, It's only the first chapter give me a break! I'll be updating chapter 2 either tomorrow or Saturday night. Let me know how I did so far, feedback is always nice. Please favorite, comment, like, and vote guys thanks. Please don't forget I am currently editing "Must Be" fixing any errors, mis-spelling or anything like that so if you notice any sudden changes that's just me. 

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