You Got It All (George Shelley)

Sirena ends up going to a concert she didn't want to go to. But she ended up loving Union J and especially George Shelley.

all she thought was that he has it all!!


4. Going to the Mall Together! <3

                   It was Saturday and George wanted to take me to the Mall to get a new outfit for our dance Friday. I couldn't wait. So, I decided to go with him to the mall just me and George. I don't know what is going to happen when me and him go to the mall. I guess were going to have to wait and see. Let's go get ready!!


I begin with my outfit and shoes:

I began by taking a pair of black booty jean shorts. Then I got my white tank top and took my navy blue hoodie and put it on. then I got my black and grey Osiris sneakers and my black snapback. then I got My dog tag necklace I wear everyday and decided to put my new batman iPhone case on. I then took my black/silver board and use that one for today.


My hair & makeup now:

My hair is all wavy and curly now. So, I decided to take it and straighten it. since I want to look kind of cute with my outfit and makeup today for George nobody else. Ok maybe for myself to. I haven't felt cute for a while.

My makeup I decided to do it very light. I then got out my eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and some makeup brushes too. I then took my eye shadow palette and began to do my makeup. I did a very light golden color. Then for my contour of the eye I did a medium light brown and for the highlight I did a very light neutral skin color and did a little bit of a highlight contour session. I then took my gel eyeliner and began to do my wing. I took the brush and swept it from the corner of my eye to the even part of my eyebrow. I then finished it by filling it in and adding some of the eyeliner for some pop of my eyes. I then got my mascara and did my top lashes first and then my bottom lashes for pop again.



Now, for the best part ever going to the mall. I was ready to go to the mall with George and pick out our outfits for the dance next Friday!!

This is what George looked like when I opened the door:


He had a red bandana on his head. A jean jacket on. with black skinny jeans and a grey t-shirt. I can't explain anymore the picture says it all.


Anyways me and George then got into his car. I was ready for the mall. I haven't been to the mall in forever. I couldn't wait.


*20 minutes later* we arrive


"hey babe where do you wanna go first?" George asked me.

"Let's go to Hot Topic for stuff first and then go to the shops to get your outfit and mine." I said.

"Ok let's go." George said as he came to me and grabbed my hand and held it as we walked into the mall.

We got to Hot Topic and we went in. I went straight to the jewelry. then I went by the pants. Then by the shirts and then the skirts and dresses. Before we even got to the other shops I spent $65 dollars. I love Hot Topic I can shop there ALL DAY. If I could.


Then when we went to got to the fancy shop for me and George to get our outfits. we went into Spencer's first. I almost died because George came up behind me and had a giant dildo and said

"do you wanna have fun tonight?"with the dildo in between my legs. I just died laughing.

I turned around and said to him.

"I don't need a dildo to have fun tonight. I have you for that." I kissed him and then I went on shopping in Spencers.


I got earrings a cup and two hats and 4 beanies. I spent $30 dollars. I have about $460 dollars left. My mom and dad gave me money to get whatever I wanted for the dance and just in general but I probably won't spend it all.


Finally we went to the fancy shop for our outfits for Friday's Dance. I had to get a blue and white dress so I stood out. then George had to get a white on white suit with a white shirt and a  blue bow tie. I found his bow tie. Now, I just have to find his suit and my dress and our shoes too.


I then found the dress I wanted. It was perfect:

It was two pieces and it was amazing. It has a white top piece with all sparkly pieces. Then the bottom is light blue with a white strip the same as the top at the top. It is so fucking cute.



George's suit I found to:

It is white on white with a light blue bow tie like he wanted to match with my dress. I can't wait.



Now it's shoe time. With my dress it was $240. George's suit was $240 also.

I found my shoes. they are just plain white high heels:



George's Shoes are just white with black bottoms:



We were all set and this is my hair of how I am going to do it anyways:



I just can't wait and then George's hair is going to be I don't know he won't tell me. LOL


I also got a tiara for fun:



Then I bought a crown for George to:


We put them on as we drove home we wore them. I was so happy that I finally found my king for a little while. I love him with all my heart and I don't know what I would do without him!!


"I have a present for you!!" George exclaimed.

"What is it??" I questioned.

"You will get it when we get home!!" He said to me seductively.

*I have a feeling he bought me a dildo so he can have fun and fuck me with it. LOL!! I guess we will find out sooner or later!!


Well now, we are going home what will happen??


What are we going to do when we get to my house and bring all of my things upstairs??














Author's Note







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