You Got It All (George Shelley)

Sirena ends up going to a concert she didn't want to go to. But she ended up loving Union J and especially George Shelley.

all she thought was that he has it all!!


7. Coffee Shop :D

George's P.O.V.

         Sirena and I got into the car and I started to drive to the coffee shop when we both noticed that everybody that was walking was staring at us in the car together. I was so confused about why they were looking at us. I than turned to sirena and asked:

"Why are they staring at us?"

"They probably think were dating." Sirena said trying to make me laugh.

"Sirena I'm serious why are they looking at us like were celebrities with their phones out taking pictures and videos of us!!" I exclaimed.

"I really don't know babe!!" She exclaimed.

We both really don't know what's going on right now. Lets just hope that its not going to be bad when we go into the coffee shop together!! I just cant believe how many people keep on staring at us like were becoming famous or something.


* 15 minutes we arrive at the coffee shop and my car gets surrounded by people*


What is going on??


Sirena's P.O.V.

          I don't know what's going on right now. I'm so confused and frustrated. Why is George's car surrounded by people? Why are they asking if were dating? what the fuck is going on?? We decided to beep the horn and they all moved away and ran. I noticed that the girls were wearing masks that looked like me and the guys were wearing masks that looked like George what the hell is going on in the town!!


* they technically were doing the scene from twisted on freeform. When there were people with masks on that looked exactly like Dani's face with jump ropes!!*


Anyways I was really scared. Then George and I woke up. It was all just a dream. I mean I was in the outfit I was wearing and so was George but I was still really scared of what is actually going to happen if it becomes true and it shows everyone that we are dating. But I guess everybody will find out at the dance since we are going together. I just hope that George's doesn't change his mind now and thinking that I'm just a stupid little girl that doesn't love him and just wants to be with him to have a boyfriend. Because I'm not a little girl that just wants a boyfriend. I'm a teenage girl that wants to date George Shelley. Even though I just met him on Friday and were dating on the day that I met him. I don't care I love him and I guess that true love decided that me and George were meant to be together. I just can't believe that we are together so fast. It kind of scares me sometimes because it could mean we will break up easily or we will be very ungrateful to each other one day and we will just disappear from each others lives forever. I'm not gonna even think that anymore because I know that George loves me and I love him.


Now, all I have to think about is what is going to happen when we go outside. Is everything gonna be normal or is it going to be like my dream. I'm so afraid. But, George and I did this last night.




*Last Night*


I was at George's house and we decided to watch a movie but instead of the movie. I wanted to have sex cause I love George. So, we decided to do it. I stripped all of my clothes off one by one except for my bra and underwear obviously. I was ready to do it with the one I love very much. then George looked at me up and down and I looked at him and told him to strip now. He was in his boxers only. I was so happy and scared but I knew I wanted to do it. It wasn't my first time because, I was forced when I was 12 to have sex and I lost it to my sisters ex boyfriend because he forced me to do it and if I didn't do it he would kill me and my sister. So I did it to protect my sister and my family. even if it meant losing my virginity.

Anyways then George started to take off my bra and we began he took off everything we had on and threw it on the floor. I was prepared for this. George than put on the condom and said:

"Ready for the best time of your life!!"

"Yes daddy fuck me like u never fucked before." I said and he entered me slowly.

"You like that." George said as he kissed me passionately.

"Baby can u fuck me harder." I commanded.

"Ok here we go. I love you." He said and did the command.


"OH YES DADDY FUCK ME. FUCK ME HARDER. OH MY GOD FUCK MY P***Y!! OH MY GOD DADDY YES!!" I screamed off the top of my lungs. I was so happy to be in this position.


"Oh yeah you love daddy don't you." Then George stopped talking and kissed me instead for the rest of the time being.


'10 minutes later'


"oh my god im gonna cum oh my god I'm gonna cum!!" I said as I exhaled heavily.

"There you go baby!!" George exclaimed.

We than laid down as I had my head on George's chest and we cuddled and kissed once in a while. I was so in love with George it's not anybody's word but mine to say. He is mine and nobody else can have him except for me.










What will happen now since we had sex last night??


What will happen will my dream come true??


What is going to happen tomorrow??







Author's Note


I'm going to try and write more but I've been really busy lately because of my party coming up!


Love you,




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