We have always been BFFs its always just the six of us. For EVERYTHING! But this summer has been different, it seems like everyone is distant with everyone. They focus on boys and clothing and having that perfect summer romance, no one called or texted me the entire summer.
I was thinking that, Hopefully now that school is back in session everyone would be back in their normal selves. I hope I'm right...


4. Whos the New Guy


         Things were going great the first couple weeks of school. Nothing bad happened to us besides Lillia not making the school play. But her audition wasn't that good so….

     The third week into our senior year, in Advanced College History, Ms. Brooks assigned a World War II map of the sides. She told us to be as creative as possible and the only thing we needed to do was A. Make a 3D diagram of the world B. Label all the continents, countries, and capitals C. Label if they were Axis (Italy, Germany, Japan), Allies(Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the U. S., Soviet Union, and China) or not in the war (everywhere else) she told us we could have up to groups of four and she didn't care who we went with as long as no one was left out.  

        Instantly I shoot for Lillia and Bria. There's 19 in our classroom right now, so if everyone else did a group of four we could be a group of three alone.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case. One guy was left out and had to join our group. So now it was Bria, Lillia, Jordan, and Aiden.

        We all agreed that we would just drive to my house after school to work on the project.


          We stopped at the store on the way home, we thought thinking and getting to work on it might call for an all-nighter, so we grabbed so much coffee, junk, and caffeine possible. We then went home and got to work. 

       I never thought working with groups could be so complicated. There was arguments about everything!

          "Lets make our world out of felt"     "No we should make it out of Plastic"  "No Glass"

        We finally settled on an agreement after 2 hours of argument. We were going to have Aiden's dad who was a woodworker, cut out the world in wood. Then were going to draw the borders of the countries with paint markers. Next, paint the axis power blue, the allies, red, and the countries where no one fought, white. Finally, were going to write in the continents in Silver, the countries in black and the capitals in gold.

          Aiden's dad got off of work at nine. He Lived about an hour out of town. It was about 6:00  now, would be 7:00 when we got there. So, we decided just to go then and not wait for morning. We called up Mr. Webley (Aiden's father) and had him start working on the cut outs. I texted my mom, and told her we would be home around ten. We told all our parents we were working on a school project and needed wood from Aiden's dad an were going to get it. 

          It only took us about 45 minutes to get there, since Aiden drives like a maniac. Once we got there Mr. Webley was only done with North America, and Australia. 

      "Its going to be another two hours at least. You can wait here or go somewhere to eat. I'll call Aiden when I'm done." said Mr. Webley

               "Okay thank you so much." We all called at the same time.

      We decided to go to the park and walk around for a bit. Lilia and Bria ran off to chase a squirrel and be kids for a little bit, so it was just Aiden and I walking by the lake.

            "So, how come you haven't been hanging out with Tainne, Marlo, and Capri lately? asked Aiden              "Umm," I begin, not really knowing what to say to a question like this, "I guess we just kind of broke a part over the summer. They're focused on different things I guess."              "That kind of stinks." He begins, "I know how you feel. You know that guy, Keegan? Yeah, well we used to be best friends until he decided that football and cheerleaders were better than me. I've gotten over it though, it was a long time ago. I saw you guys talking in the lunch room on Monday, you looked hurt. What happened?"                "Well, they were just saying how they choose that being popular and pretty is better than being Smart. They said that they were just going to leave us in the dark. Like all the time we spent together- almost 10 years- doesn't matter. They dropped us like we were the last year fashion trend."  I said, on the verge of crying              Aiden saw I was going to cry and wrapped his arms around me saying, "Hey its gonna be okay you still have Bria and Lilia and me too. We haven't been friends for long and I already care about you. Those are the true type of friends. Those who stick by your side through thick and thin. Were here for you."     "Thanks so much. I really appreciate this." I said weakly.             His arms were so comfortable and I just wanted to stay in them forever, but soon Lilia and Bria had lost the squirrel and it was time to go. I left his arms feeling like he would always be there for me.                                                                                 .......                   We stopped by the market on our way to Aiden's dads shop and got the paint, paint pens, and everything else we needed. By the time we got back the world was done so we took it paid and went back to my house, stopping at everyone's houses first to let them pack a bag for the nights                 Once we got back, we got to work, drawing out lines and painting and writing. By the time the clock reached 2:00 we were waiting for the paint to dry. When it hit 4:00 we were all asleep on the floor next to each other. Lillia and Bria were lying over each other and Aiden's arm was around me. And this is how we slept through the night.        


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