We have always been BFFs its always just the six of us. For EVERYTHING! But this summer has been different, it seems like everyone is distant with everyone. They focus on boys and clothing and having that perfect summer romance, no one called or texted me the entire summer.
I was thinking that, Hopefully now that school is back in session everyone would be back in their normal selves. I hope I'm right...


13. What the PowerPuff Girls had to say

         "Woah, okay chillax, were here to explain." said The Green PowerPuffGirl (Tainee) "We have been very distant lately and I just want to tell you why. Please just listen, we don't have much time. Capri thinks were in here to fix our hair." 

        "Okay I'm listening," I said. They were once our friend and we should listen to what they have to say, and it seems pretty important so....       

         "We love you guys still, its just...." She cut off, looking like she was almost in tears "Its just Capri blackmailed us. She said if we didn't go alone with her plan she'd make our lives a living hell, just like yours. Even though it is already, I wont get to go to college, my grades have dropped so much." Now she was In tears, her mascara running down her cheeks.   

        "Well this changes everything," said Bria, "all this time I thought you were just tired of us, like these years we spent together were just a waste."    

        "We would never want to do anything to hurt you." said Marlo, "we were just too afraid that shed do something terrible to us, but now seeing what she's done to you makes me not care what she'd do to us. I'm sorry, if you'll forgive us, Id love that, even though we don't deserve it.  

         "Of course I'll forgive you guys, it wasn't your fault, you were just afraid of what she'd do to you" I said.      

          "Consider this year erased from my memory." Said Lilia     

         "Of course I'll forgive you, that's what friends are for" Said Bria. 

          We all group hugged for what seemed like an eternity, like we were making up for lost time. And we didn't let go until there was a banging at the door.

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