Brothers till the end

Have you ever wonder what it would be like to be in a world were vampires rule. We're your family is dad except for your brother your not related to. Then to lose him too only to learn he's alive and the one thing you hate the most. VAMPIRES!!!! Yeah well welcome to my life....


22. Wounded Soilder

Shinoa's pov- I sat in a chair next to a bed gazing out the window. 'Yu please wake up soon...' I thought to my self as I looked out the window with a sigh. It had been about 5 months since Yu slipped into his comma and during those months he hadn't shown any changes for better or for worse.

Yurichro's pov- I don't remember much from the fight really just that I was talking to Mika before everything went black. I woke up in a panic after that as I bolted up in the bed and grabbed my head in pain. "Relax Yu your safe!" I looked over wincing to see Yoichi smiling at me with a worried look on his face. "What happened..." I asked softly as Yoichi moved closer and helped me lay back down. "You blacked out in battle and slipped into a coma. You've been asleep for 5 months but now your awake now! I have to go and tell the others!" Before I could say anything to stop him he was all ready out of the room.

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