Brothers till the end

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  • Published: 10 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 6 Sep 2016
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Have you ever wonder what it would be like to be in a world were vampires rule. We're your family is dad except for your brother your not related to. Then to lose him too only to learn he's alive and the one thing you hate the most. VAMPIRES!!!! Yeah well welcome to my life....


17. First Mission

Mikaela's pov- I over heard talk about a mission to the human world. "My Queen please send me out their too!" She looked at me and nodded. "Very well Mikaela. I will allow you to go on this mission." I jumped up excitedly and thanked her. I ran out after hearing the pan and got into my gear ready and eager to head out. "Don't worry Yu I'm coming." I said softly to my self. The troops began  to head out and before we split into smaller groups. I was set up with Lacus and Rene.

 "Why don't we grab a quick a bite before we go boys?" Lacus said  looking at me but Rene was sure and quick to shoot his idea down right away. "You know the rules Locus no feeding off the life stock we need to keep them alive and you always drink them dry." Lacus groaned unhappy with his answer and smirked still looking at me. I how ever could careless what they went on about. All I cared about was getting Yu back safe and sound. "I'm sure that Mika is hungry too! Aren't you Mika?" I looked over hearing my name and saw that Lacus and Rene were both looking at me waiting for an answer. I had to think hard about what he could have asked and I was sure it was about food and though I was hungry I would never eat a person. "No,I'm not hungry." I said with cool expression on my face and Lacus frowned and pouted.

I walked past them to the place we were to meet Lord Ferid for the first fight against the humans. For the place were I would see Yu again for the first time. I took out a vile of blood from the queen and drank it counting the ones that I had left and seeing I had enough for a week. "Ahhhhh! Mikaela it's lovely to see you again as always. I hope those two didn't trouble you much." He looked over at them. I ignored him like I usually did and kept walking. "I see your still cold as ever Mika. You never will change huh?" I glared at him as he just laughed at me and pulled me into a hug. I did my best not to gag at the touch of his skin against mine.

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