Brothers till the end

Have you ever wonder what it would be like to be in a world were vampires rule. We're your family is dad except for your brother your not related to. Then to lose him too only to learn he's alive and the one thing you hate the most. VAMPIRES!!!! Yeah well welcome to my life....


23. Fairy tails are for kids....

Mikaela's pov-  The queen called for me again but this time I ignored her. "Hey Mika the queen wants you." Is all I heard left and right as I walked through the town of ruins that I had grown up in. I gave a node and told them I was on my way to see her and then I would just walk off. If anything I was avoiding her at all cost. I wasn't sure why I didn't want to see her but I knew it was for a good reason. I was doing pretty good too until the queen decided to come and look for me her self. 

"Mikaela! Stay were you are!" She yelled at me and I froze knowing it was no use to try and run away. She would just find me again and the same thing would happen. I had to face her now and hold my ground. "Yes?" I asked casually with a blank expression on my face. "Where have you been the last week?" She asked sounding annoyed and worried about me. "I've been busy." Was all i said as I avoided her eyes. "Do you really think we can be happy?" She looked at me with a surprised look on her face. "Of course you can as long as you don't give up on your dream." She seemed a bit shaken by question. "Why did you ask such a thing?" I looked down at the ground. "I asked because stuff like that only happens in fairy tails....and those are for kids..." The queen went silent and I waited to see what else she had to say. "If that's all you have to say my queen then I'll be on my way."  "Where attacking again and this will be your last change to get him and leave this battle safely." She didn't bother to get me to look at her as she walked past me and stopped. "I just hope your heart is still in this Mikaela."  I nodded and watched as she walked away before I too left the opposite way of her.

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