Brothers till the end

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  • Published: 10 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 6 Sep 2016
  • Status: Complete
Have you ever wonder what it would be like to be in a world were vampires rule. We're your family is dad except for your brother your not related to. Then to lose him too only to learn he's alive and the one thing you hate the most. VAMPIRES!!!! Yeah well welcome to my life....


7. Escape!

Yuichiro's pov- A couple weeks later it was finally the day for us to leave.  "Are you ready?" Mikia asked me and I was unable to answer him. My throat was as dry as sand paper. Giving a slight node I followed him out of our house. I took his hand and followed him through tunnels and trudged through water to cover our sent avoiding the guards. Finally we reached the room that I hated with all my heart because of the memories that it held. This was the room that Lord Ferid had wiped out his family with one hit. Slowly we walked into the room but something didn't feel right. "Mika...let's go back..." I said pulling on his arm.

"No its fine Yuu!" Mika said walking ahead of me. Just then Lord Ferid drooped down. "Mika! Look out!" I screamed out out to him but I was to late. Mika looked at me and smiled as Lord Ferid stuck his sword through his body. Piercing his heart and then letting him fall to the ground. I ran to him catching his body before it fell. " I can't lose you too!" I yelled trying to take him with me. "Leave me Yuu and live for the both of us." I shook my head not wanting to leave as Mika pushed me off him weakly. "You knew didn't you Mika..." I asked him and he just looked at me and smiled in tears. "It doesn't matter if one of us gets out of here. Go Yuu..." I looked down tears in my eyes. "No I can't! Mika your family!" He smiled at me again and I could see I had no choice. "You finally called me family..." He said softly and went limp barly alive.

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