Brothers till the end

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  • Published: 10 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 6 Sep 2016
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Have you ever wonder what it would be like to be in a world were vampires rule. We're your family is dad except for your brother your not related to. Then to lose him too only to learn he's alive and the one thing you hate the most. VAMPIRES!!!! Yeah well welcome to my life....


33. Brothers till the end

Mikaela's pov- The battle we fought was long and hard but at the end of the day we won. Yu pulled me into a tight hug and spun me around with a big smile on his face. "WE DID IT MIKA-CHAN WE WON!"  I couldn't help but blush a bit by his words and the name he called me. "Yeah but it's all thanks to you..." I said smiling as I hugged him back. Then all of a sudden he garbed my arm and started to run on the beach with all of his friends a bit goofy grin on his face. "Yu-chan were are we going!" I yelled out struggling to stay on my feet and keep up with him. He finally stopped running and turned to face me. "Were going to the world you talked about Mikaela. The one for just us family!" I had tears in my eyes as I heard him say that and nodded. "Right!" I smiled and ran beside him happily. 'I'm coming guys...well be home soon don't worry.' I smiled as I thought back to my dream I had. 'I guess I was matter what...we'll always be.....

Brother's till the end...

won't we Yu-chan?' I smiled as I thought this to my self and looked back seeing my old family that I held in my heart. As well as the new friends and family that I had made through Yu-chan.

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