Brothers till the end

Have you ever wonder what it would be like to be in a world were vampires rule. We're your family is dad except for your brother your not related to. Then to lose him too only to learn he's alive and the one thing you hate the most. VAMPIRES!!!! Yeah well welcome to my life....


20. Brother's (part 3)

Yuichro's pov: Guren pulled me back despite my efforts to get away. "What are you doing Guren! He's right their and we can save him!" I screamed with tears in my eyes as I watched my only living family member get pulled away with the vampires. Guren looked at me and shook his head with a sad look on his face. "I'm sorry Yu but we can't save him yet. The vampires are still to strong and to save your brother we have to kill the vampires that are holding him their." I shook my head and looked away from him as I stared at my feet. 'I'm so sorry Mika I will save you soon.' I thought to my self as I walked away. "Before you go make sure that at our next battle you take these two pills." I nodded and put them in my pocket.

Mikaela's pov- A couple of couple of months passed before it was time to head out again. I was determined to save my brother this time. The battle was long and hard and I didn't see him until it was to late.

Yuichrio's pov- In the middle of the battle I looked at Guren who nodded and I took the pills before I blacked out. "MUST KILL ALL THE SINNERS!!!" I screamed feeling like I was sleep walking but I could see every one around me. I could see my friends trying to save me though I didn't know what from what.

Mikaela's pov- When I saw the monster that my brother had become I was filled with anger. "What did you do to my brother!" I screamed at the humans as I fought them off. My eyes landed on the man that had pulled him away and I saw the smirk on his face angering me more. "TURN HIM BACK!" I screamed and charged at him. The man looked at me and smiled. "Guren!" Some one yelled and rushed to his side. The girl had purple hair and purple eyes. He turned to face her ignoring me. "Shinoa you have to save Yu before he gets out of hand." She nodded and ran over to my brother but not before I could grab her. "Don't touch him!!!" I screamed and lunged for him but I missed.

She tired to get him to talk but he wouldn't listen to her. "MUST KILL ALL SINNERS!!!" He said again and attacked her. I pushed her out of the way and held him close to me. "Yu its me your brother please come back to me!" I screamed at him as I hugged him closely. " that you...." He said softly as he turned back and I held him tightly again. "Welcome back Yu..." I said and hugged him kissing his forehead in tears. "Hurry retreat!" I heard the orders given and i took Yu's hand. "Come with me please!" i asked him but before he could say anything we where pulled apart again.


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