Save me

A love between a cat girl, Isa and a teenager boy , Mark , go through life together , after Mark finds Isa on the streets , but something is coming for Isa , she will need to protect herself and her love , Mark


1. The vision

I'm the only one left of my family , i could not save them , even if i tried .Looking around i only see darkness , and a faint outline on a human rushing over to me . My breathing quickened , and my vision was starting to fade away , I could not move , all I could do is slowly drown off into sleep my tail curling around my body and ears going back. 


All i could see was light once I felt my eyes opining . Looking down i was in a nest in the middle of the forest . Searching for some other sign of life, but all I could see is trees and shrubs . Hearing a crash behind me , I turned around and spotted the leader of Elm , the Village that killed my family . He was a fox man , with chains as his belt along his torn jeans , he had no shirt , and scratches along his chest . My heart skipped a beat and i felt perolized . He was running tawards me , enraged , I turned around and ran , but when i turned around , all i could see was him and his men destroying my village and going after everyone , horrorized i ran again into the forest , but i could not escape , so i screamed for someone to save me , but I knew it was hopeless . I scrambled up a tree , and when i looked back , all there was , was a burning forest.

"Please someone help!"

"No one will save you...." a whorse voice came behind me 

It was the leader of Elm . " NO , someone will!"

All he did was laugh as if he heard that a cat could play the piano *cough cough*

I could not stand it so i closed my eyes ," it's not real , it's not real " , I repeated. Slowly the noise of his laughter , the burning fire , screaming of pain , died down and opened my eyes i was safe in a warm room , in a bed. blinking in silence i looked around , and to my side was a glass of water , which was now cold , and by the water was a sandwitch . 

"Hmm...", looking around once more , I noticed a rag with blood on it , I also noticed a mirror . I stood up and looked in it , "now I know where the blood came from .." , looking down at my arm was a bandage stained with blood , when the Leader of Elm attacked my village , he hurt me , but did not kill me.

A squeeking sound come from the door and a human boy came in

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