Save me

A love between a cat girl, Isa and a teenager boy , Mark , go through life together , after Mark finds Isa on the streets , but something is coming for Isa , she will need to protect herself and her love , Mark


2. Befriend

    A handsome human Teen with brown hair came in with a cup of juice in his hand , once he came in and made eye contact with me , he dropped his cup , and took a steep back , putting his hands in a fist up to his chest , I took a step back , putting myself agenst the wall , wishing he would not hurt me . I guess when he saw my fear he looked down at his cluched fist , and put them down quickly , once he did that i had to say something , " Wh-Who are you ?" , he looked at me as if i was a talking rat . I took a step closer " I said who are you ?" , he took a step back again , obviously scared " I-I-I should be asking you that , not anyone has cat ears and a tail !" , I looked down , remembering i can not show my true self to humans , they are very fragile things , espesually to something like this.

" I'm Isa , and yes , not everyone has a tail and ears..."

"Why DO you have a tail and ears?"

"I am a mif-wa , a human mixed with a cat , we live a long time , so we were always around , you just could not find us..."

He looked stunned , and realized he had to say something before it got awkward ' O-oh , I'm Mark, and i'm 28 , H-how old are you ?"

" I'm 1,026 , so to you , i would be 26 I guess if that does not weird you out as much "

"1,026! , U-uh..."

" so why did you come for me?"

He stayed quiet for a second.

"I thought you were a normal person , well-" he looked at me up and down " aparently not , hehe"

I could tell he was uncofortable. He looked at my arm,"Oh no , I forgot to change you'r bandage"

He picked me up and headed tawards the bathroom, he took off my bloody bandage , and changed it with a new one , 

" You know i could walk "

"Oh sorry , forgot "

i gave him a small grin as he walked me back to the bed and told me to eat the sandwich he made , and got me a new glass of water.

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