Do You Remember Me?

She thought she had escaped me. She couldn't have been more wrong.


3. Stalkers

Amelia examined the letter carefully and tried to think of a reason why someone might send this message but in the end she couldn't come up with anything. She let out a sigh and said, "Maybe it's just some of the kids trying to scare me. They do like their pranks don't they Layla?"

The kitten meowed and came over to Amelia's leg before leaping into her lap and curling up on her lap. Amelia smiled and began petting Layla as she set down the letter. She then picked up the picture and was a bit surprised to see what she saw. It was a picture of her as a teenager with her friends at a party near the woods. Amelia shook her head with a smile and said, "I bet you that Josh was in on their little prank."

Josh was an old friend of Amelia's and he was the one who had taken that picture. She giggled a bit and put Layla on the ground before heading upstairs to take a shower before her friends got there. They said that they were going to take her out to celebrate so Amelia wanted to look presentable.

As Amelia was about to start undressing she had the chilling feeling like she was being watched. She quickly closed her blinds on her bathroom window before she began to undress. She was often referred to as the prettiest one of her group of friends so it wouldn't have surprised Amelia if she did have a stalker or two of some kind trying to sneak a look at her in the bathroom.

Amelia got into her shower completely unaware of her surroundings as her stalker continued to gaze at her. Closing the window mattered not to this one. The amount of secret cameras this one had placed in Amelia's house allowed them perfect vision regardless of where she was. The stalker watched from the comfort of their home as Amelia showered and smiled at the beautiful view of her body. Long brown hair that waved in just the right places, piercing green eyes that gleamed with happiness, and even her smooth, pale skin looked perfect. Just perfect to cut into.

The stalker grinned at the thought that soon she would soon fall right into their lap. The stalker couldn't wait for the night to arrive so they could claim her. However, just as Amelia was about to get out of the shower the screen that the stalker was watching became fuzzy and static began to sound. The stalker was about to blame it on the camera when the static started to become louder and louder to the point the stalker fell to the ground while covering their ears. The room quickly became dark and from the darkness reached a thousand black tentacles that grabbed the stalker before dragging them off into the darkness. The stalker's screams muffled by the tentacles that covered their mouth.

The darkness disappeared and the screen seeing through the cameras was destroyed. Nothing remained of the stalker except for a trail of blood leading to the forest near Amelia's home. Deep in the forest there was muffled screams followed by the sound of snapping bones and tearing skin. Then there was silence. Complete and absolute dead silence.

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