Do You Remember Me?

She thought she had escaped me. She couldn't have been more wrong.


4. Hidden Memories

Amelia finished getting dressed and made her way downstairs to gather her purse and other important items. Once she had her purse Amelia heard Layla's meow from behind her. She shook her head then leaned down and started petting Layla while saying, "You are so needy kitten."

There was a sudden honk of a horn just outside Amelia's door causing her to jump a bit before standing up and saying, "Be a good girl Layla. I'll be back in a bit." She then walked out her front door before locking it back behind her.

Amelia waved to her two friends who were waiting for her in the car. The one driving the car was Josh, her closest friend but also the one most likely to mess with her about any secrets she shared with him. The one in the passenger seat was Jessica, the overly excited one that was surprisingly good at planning. Amelia didn't see Mary so she assumed they were going to pick her up next.

Josh waved back to Amelia and said, "You ready for this Miss Detective?"

Josh was then pushed down by Jessica who shouted, "Come on Amy! We have to get going! We have so much planned for you tonight! We need to go now or else we won't get to do everything!"

Amelia laughed at her two friends before walking over and saying, "Calm down Jess. I'm coming."

Once Amelia was loaded into the backseat of the car Josh started driving with a smile. He had helped come up with tonight's plans and it was going to be amazing. Maybe tonight he would also be able to talk to Amelia in private. He placed one of his hands on an inside pocket of his sweater and nodded as he felt the small box in his coat.

Jessica meanwhile was assaulting  Amelia with a barrage of questions. "So how does it feel to be a detective? Can I go on a ride along with you? When are you gonna start your first case?"

The questions didn't stop until Amelia said, "I feel great Jess. You know how long I've wanted this job and now I finally got it. As for when I get my first case I don't know. I guess it's all up to the chief."

Just as they were nearing their destination Amelia asked, "So where's Mary? I figured she of all people would come with us."

Josh shook his head and said, "She said that she was feeling a bit sick and to go on without her. We'll swing by her place tomorrow."

Amelia nodded before seeing that they had stopped just short of the forest. Amelia saw deeper in the forest that there was a light so she assumed that was were they were going. They all got out of the car and stretched a bit before Josh took the lead and said, "Come on. Everyone's waiting for us."

As they reached the clearing Amelia saw that a majority of her small hometown was there. When they all saw her they shouted, "Congratulations Amelia!"

In this small town everyone was basically like family so an event like someone finally getting their dream job was something to be excited about for everyone. Amelia smiled and said, "Thank you guys. Thank you all so much."

Josh grinned and said, "Don't thank us yet. The fun hasn't even begun. Alright everyone, let's get this started!"

With that music started playing, grills were fired up, and drinks were pulled out. It was like Amelia's graduation all over again and she didn't mind that one bit. What she did mind though was she slight ringing noise she heard. It wasn't loud but it was just loud enough to be heard through all the shouting and music. It also started to bring up fuzzy memories she had. She didn't quite remember any of the images that she saw. A forest, she was running, and something else just on the edge but before she could think any further Josh wrapped an arm around Amelia and said, "Come on Amy. Let's dance!"

Amelia chuckled and said, "Oh fine. Why not?"

She was then pulled away into the crowd of dancing people with a smile on her face. A smile that made the trees begin to sway. A smile that brought amusement. A smile that caused a tall and thin silhouette to begin to move.

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