Do You Remember Me?

She thought she had escaped me. She couldn't have been more wrong.


2. He Doesn't Forget

Amelia walked through her hometown with a smile on her face. Today she had finally obtained the dream job she had always wanted. She was now a homicide detective ready to put killers where they belonged. She was so excited that when she got the news she called everyone she knew to tell them the good news. She even told her pet kitten, Layla, about the promotion.

As she passed by the bookstore on her way home the store owner walked out and waved to her while saying, "Good morning Amelia and congrats on the promotion! Make sure to get out there and do some good."

Amelia nodded with a smile as she said, "You got it Mr. Burns. I'll be the greatest detective ever."

After that she continued to her house. When she got to her mailbox she saw that it was overflowing with letters. Her parents lived in a state a few towns over so they frequently sent letters my mail instead of just emailing. She shook her head while still smiling as she grabbed the letters and walked into her house.

Once inside she was met with the meowing of Layla. Amelia knelt down and started petting Layla as she said, "Hey there pretty girl. Are you hungry?"

Layla meowed and seemed to nod her head as if answering Amelia's question. "Alright. Give me just a minute. Mommy's got to put down this mail and then she'll feed you."

Amelia dropped the mail down on her kitchen table before turning around to go feed her cat. She placed down Layla's food bowl with fresh food then went to go look through the mail. Almost all of them were either congratulations or magazines so she slid them aside.

Just as Amelia was about to head to the living room she heard the doorbell ring. She walked over and answered the door but when she opened up there was no one there. All that was there was a small box with and envelope strapped to the top of it. Amelia looked at it confused before picking it up and taking it inside.

She placed the box on the counter and said to herself, "Let's see what this is."

She examined the envelope and saw that there was nothing on it at all. It was just a plain white envelope with nothing on it. She opened the envelope and pulled out a letter. The letter looked like it was made of very old paper but aside from that there was nothing special about it. She opened the letter and read it to herself. The message was very strange and gave Amelia a tingling sensation on the back of her neck and down her spine.

"What happens to memories when you forget them? Are they locked away in a box until you open them again or are they forced to lurk in the darkness until they are ready to remind you of what you have forgotten?"

There was no name on the letter so Amelia had no idea who would have sent her something like this. She set down the letter before opening the box. In the box laid an old photo and another letter. This letter looked newer than the previous one. Before looking at the picture she opened the letter only to look at it with confusion. The letter looked like the frantic scribbles of a madman. The word no was scribbled over and over on the paper but the biggest words were what confused Amelia the most. "HE DOESN'T FORGET"

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