Old, but insanely cute

Where would Spock and Jim go if they had a lot of free time on their hands? Generally, lets say, for their retirement? Side note- Star Trek: Generations never happened. The movies after Generations never happened.


4. Chapter 4

It was a typical day in Florida. There were beach goers on the beach enjoying themselves while sitting in their chairs, sitting down on their beach towel, and children playing in the water. People were walking down the street. The pom trees being a nice biological decoration. There was a skate boarder going down the street alongside the league of various stores dotting the sidewalk. One moment there was a clear path and in the next there were two old men holding hands with their backsides facing him and their front side facing the street ahead. The skateboarder put his foot down slowing his speed then veered himself off to the opposite direction.

"Look at the cars, Spock," Jim said. "They look so. . ."

"Inferior and under-developed," Spock finished. "It appears that fossil fuels is their main source of oil for the time being instead of anti-gravitational power."

"Fascinating." Jim said.

"We should get ourselves a hotel room." Spock said.

"And ask someone where we are." Jim said.

"Hm," Spock said. "Excellent idea."

"Let's ask Hikaru there." Jim said, bolting forward in the direction of 'Hikaru'.

Spock appeared to be startled because Hikaru died exactly twenty-three years ago pretty much a year after Pavel died of old age. Hikaru's death was not of old age but due to a attack on a colony staged by Romulans since it was so called in their zone. It took Hilaru and five hundred thirty-three colonists against six hundred Romulans to successfully win the colony back. Hikaru risked his life to save some botanists. When the Romulans retreated, Hikaru was bleeding out leaned against the wall covering his wound. Spock had arrived for a diplomatic meeting with Jim by his side. It was a traumatic day for them both. Jim, to this day, had been blocking that memory out. Their shuttle craft crash landed that day into a ditch.

Spock had to comfort Jim after Hikaru's death.

When they came to a stop at a park bench, Spock saw a man similar to Hikaru Sulu with another man. He looked nothing like Pavel. Not even the slightest. Out of the thousand hundreds of Earth like planets with their own counterparts of the crew this one didn't have the typical status quo. Status quo was non-existent. 'Hikaru's black hair was completely gray. 'Hikaru' had one hand on the knee of his partner. They were wearing matching wedding rings so it seemed to be logical that they are partners. 'Hikaru' had a lot more lines on his face. The Hikaru that Spock knew had used modern medicine to keep the clock back unlike Pavel who enjoyed getting bald.

"Hello,Hikaru," Jim said, in front of the bench.His partner had, remarkably, brown hair. "Long time no see, can you tell us what state we are in?"

'Hikaru' turned his head around with a baffled expression on his face.

"Bill, I told you not to come unless you came not to make a diva out of yourself." 'Hikaru' said.

There was a spike of anger, insulted really, through their bond and Jim's free hand balled up into a fist briefly but then relaxed and became free. The pleasant but friendly attitude toward the man had all but faded. It was not that really welcoming. Jim was not a man to hold grudges but being insulted about his character just put him into a foul mood. Jim was the kind of man who ended arguments. He could begin an argument regarding women rights, standing up for them, and freedom. There were many principals of Star Fleet that Jim stood for, however, back in the day he abided the prime directive creatively'.

But that was over a hundred years ago.

Those days are long over.

Jim frowned.

"I change my mind, Spock," Jim said. "Let's go ask someone else. This is no Hikaru."

Brad had been staring at Spock with a gaping jaw and widened eyes all the while shaking the shoulder of 'Hikaru' who had his eyes trained on Jim. A tiny squeak escaped from Brad who seemed to be unworldly terrified. You are not a diva, Spock spoke through their bond,never will be. Jim looked over in the direction of his mate with a smile that could melt Spock into a puddle. Jim did have the certain power to make Spock be sweet toward him in private and be everything but Vulcan in public. These days Spock acted both human and Vulcan. Spock's intense Vulcan emotions could not control him. Spock could control them.

"Live long and prosper," Spock said. 'Hikaru' turned his head in the direction of Spock. 'Hikaru's face turned a shade of white. Recognition flickered in Hikaru's eyes. Spock made the ta'al sign. "But I would prefer if you don't go around calling everyone diva's. Because that would be illogical to do."

Spock and Jim went past the two men, hand in hand, leaving a stunned 'Hikaru'.

"LEONARD NIMOY HAS RETURNED FROM THE GRAVE!" Brad screamed running in the opposite direction.

"Did you hear that?" Jim asked.

"Negative," Spock said. 'Hikaru' sped after Brad. "Did you?"

"Thought I heard someone say there was a zombie running around."  Jim said.

"Must be our imagination at work." Spock said.

"Agreed." Jim said.

"What did Q do two weeks ago?" Spock said.

"He just mentioned about being a huge fan and wanted my autograph." Jim said.

"Tell me you didn't." Spock said.

"I wasn't able to. Picard made Trelane turn his attention to a Andorian visitor," Jim said. "Turned out he wasn't there to see the show, he was there to start a show. Not the pretty kind of show you would expect." He waved his hand with a certain gesture. "He had lost his mind and thought there was a internal conspiracy inside Star Fleet which we both know is ludicrous."

"That is quite concerning."  Spock said.

"He must have been on a X-Files power binge." Jim said.

"Television shows have not been known to start a psychotic break." Spock said.

"First time is the charm." Jim said.

"It is possible." Spock said.

"Say . . . What are the chances that we are on a planet that has look alike of us and several shows that this century was known for on our planet?"

"Ninety-six point thirty-three percent," Spock said. "But given that they recognized us as other people I believe that is one hundred twenty-three percent at least adjusted for the likelihood that are several other dopplegangers on Earthline."

"Spock,is there a chance Denny Crane exists?" Jim asked.

"Negative," Spock said. "He is a fictional character on a planet that does not have warp drive and suspiciously claims to be a Star Fleet captain which he is not and happens to have the communicator sound as his ring tone. Denny Crane."

The concerned look was replaced by a amused one.

"Good, because the next time someone calls me Bill I am going to do a Denny Crane impression." Jim said.

"I am sure he will not mind."  Spock said.

They came to a stop at a antique store. Jim looked over and his eyes googled at the furniture on display. Jim had a 'I want something new' look about his face turning his head in the direction of Spock. Spock had a 'We are not living here permanently' kind of expression. Jim's face faltered, with a sheepish expression replacing that innocent look. Spock took Jim by the shoulder then went into the next store. It was a pet store. Jim beelined his way to  a parrot.

"Ack, give me my money!" The parrot squawked, flapping his wings on the little pole.

"I like this bird." Jim said.

There were a series of puppies, of various breeds, cuddled together in a small ball. There were fully grown dogs in the store among the variety of animals. Puppy mills, most likely, is where all of the pets came from save for the birds. Spock could see there cages with the animal's inside. Star Fleet never had this problem with a over abundence of animals nor animal mills. Spock came over to the counter where across from it sat a clerk reading a zine. The clerk seemed to be a man in his late sixties with a afro, white shirt, and a red untucked shirt.

"Greetings." Spock said.

Spock read the name tag of the clerk, Alex K Wilson, who looked in the direction of the Vulcan.

"Ello," Alex said. "What are you here for?"

"A parrot," Spock said. "A animal companion for my partner."

"Her name is Sparrow," Alex said, as Jim cooed toward Sparrow. "And she is not very polite either."

"Who is the cute Parrot?" Jim asked.

"I am!" Sparrow said.

"Hm?" Spock said, raising an eyebrow.

"She has been through ten owners in the past year and they have brought her back," Alex said. "Always."

"Captain Kirk, you are needed on the bridge." Sparrow said.

Spock looked over his shoulder at the sound of the most familiar voice where a bewildered look was on Jim's face and his jaw went slack. The two men shared a unique expression. They did not communicate through their bond. The looks on their faces only made the message come across easily. The two often times communicated through their looks not verbally. The dumbfounded look on Jim's face turned into a fond one as he turned his attention toward the bird.

"I am retired," Jim asked. "And commanding a ship is no longer in my veins."

"Negative!" Sparrow said.

Spock turned his attention toward Alex.

"We would like to purchase Sparrow." Spock said.

"Twenty dollars." Alex said.

Spock raised an eyebrow.

"Twenty dollars?" Spock repeated.

"Twenty dollars." Alex repeated.

Spock lowered his eyebrow.

"It is that popular." Spock said.

"It is." Alex said, with a nod.

"I thought they would cost more." Spock said.

"Sparrow is a Budgerigar," Alex said. "They are a very common pet to have."

Spock took a remote like device from his pocket then he tapped on the screen then asked for the exact change from Alex. Alex briefly raised his left eyebrow at that looking over toward Jim. Jim was bent over putting a finger through the cage. Sparrow hopped onto Jim's index finger. Sparrow was chirping while perched on Jim's finger. A ward of cash came out of Spock's device on the flat edge on the bottom. Spock handed the cash to the younger man who was staring at the device with a huge pair of eyes as he had one hand extended.

"What the. .  ." Alex said, much to his shock.

"Do you have a small bird cage for Sparrow?" Spock inquired drawing the man's attention toward himself.

Alex blinked staring in the direction of the old Vulcan.

"Why, yes." Alex said, opening the cash register.  "I will get it. It is in the back."

Spock nodded.

"We will wait." Spock said.

Alex darted into the backroom where there was a loud squeal overheard from the doorway. Spock raised his right eyebrow in surprise at the sound but not his left. He usually saved the left eyebrow when it came to being absolutely bewildered with his right eyebrow. Left eyebrows were never the case to be used but only the right. McCoy fondly referred to it as 'The eyebrow thin' and Spock referred to McCoy 'little hop' that referred to him stand on the tips of the balls of his toes. Jim's quirk was the staccato speaking and the hands flying in all directions. They were known respectively on the Enterprise as the eyebrows, the hands, and the feet. But that wasn't well known these days. Many of the people who coined that nickname were dead.

Alex came back out with a small bird cage.

"Here you go." Alex said.

Five minutes later Jim and Spock were walking out hand in hand with their new family member Sparrow.

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