Old, but insanely cute

Where would Spock and Jim go if they had a lot of free time on their hands? Generally, lets say, for their retirement? Side note- Star Trek: Generations never happened. The movies after Generations never happened.


3. Chapter 3

Data and Geordi were on another ship, married, as captain and chief officer of engineering. They were exploring the Delta Quadrant on the starship Echo. Worf was the captain of a Klingon vessel dealing with Klingon affairs. Beverly? She was out there somewhere, no one was quite sure where, but the last they heard was that she was going after Wesley's father who was dead.  Picard went after Beverly but he never found her. Just the shuttle craft she had been manning. Picard was heartbroken.

Deanna stood by her imzadi's side sensing a different feeling from her husband.

They were in the transporter room.

"I sense you are worried about sending them off." Deanna said.

"They are legends, Deanna," Riker said. His hair was graying at the sides. "And they are fully capable of getting into a mess they may never come out of." Deanna nodded, agreeing with that assessment. "I might be the last officer to see them alive."

"They may be old but they are not senile or fragile," Deanna said. "In fact they are quite excited about being on the planet."

"I thought they would never find out." Riker said.

"It took them two weeks to get passage here," Deanna said. "They are stubborn."

"That's what made them great officers." Riker said.

"Don't they remind you of certain someones we know?" Deanna asked.

Riker sighed.

"Yes." Riker said.

"Don't worry about them," Deanna said. "They will be fine. You can see them for yourself when we come to pick them up one year from now."

The doors to the transporter room opened. Deanna and Riker looked in the direction of the doors. Two old men came in through the door side by side. Jim had shorts on, a untucked yellow decorated plaid polo with a green shirt on top, and a glasses on the bridge of his nose. Jim had a wrist band on his left wrist. Spock was wearing a fishermen's hat without all the hooks and the lines. Spock had on a short pair of pants that ended at his wrist. Spock had on a blue buttoned up tucked shirt with a yellow line in the middle including two breast pockets. Spock had a pair of socks on in a pair of unusual shoes that looked like a mix of flip-flops merged with sandels. Spock had on a big pair of glasses.

"Greetings, captain, counselor." Spock said.

"Ambassador." Riker reciprocated the ta'al sign as the two were followed by a young male lifting luggage with difficulty.

"Terrance?" Deanna said, as Terrance fell right over.

"He offered." Jim said.

"You insisted." Spock replied.

"He accepted." Jim said.

The luggage fell right open revealing a pair of sehlat's.

"These are for you," Jim said. "Our congratulations for the marriage."

Deanna then noticed that Spock had a knapsack on his back with a rolled up meditation mat at the top behind Spock's head. The five units of pups were around the feet of the couple who had their cheeks highlight their flustering. Deanna then picked up the small pups into her arms with a huge smile on her face in kindness. Deanna had gone to know the two men quite well. Jim had gone along with Spock to Romulus during the attempt at reunification between Romulans and Vulcans a bit under a disguise. He made a good impression of a Romulan needless to say. Jim refused to leave Spock instead of being taken to the Enterprise D as Spock believed Jim would be in more harm than good on Romulus. Last time Spock brought Jim with him to unify a species with another it ended with Jim being framed including McCoy. Anyway, Jim did not leave Spock's side.

There were other notable instances where he visited the Enterprise D with Spock but those are stories for another time.

"You are too sweet." Deanna said, handing Riker a pup.

"It was Jim's idea." Spock said, as Jim held his two fingers out.

"Terrance, you can keep the luggage." Jim said

Spock's two fingers met Jim's fingers. A stimulating feeling was sent from his fingertips to Spock's brain. Spock could hear the dirty thoughts coming from his mate's mind. Jim was thinking of having sex right on the transporter pad, when no one was manning the station, and the Enterprise D under lock down. Underprise, why did that name pop up in Jim's train of thought? It was relatively easy to send back a stimulating thought of them having it out on the science station behind Worf. Jim's face turned a heated red and sweat came down the side of his face.

Terrance's face brightened up.

"T---that---that would be an honor." Terrance said, closing the luggage.

There were four roles on both sides of the luggage that seemed as though it had been drilled.

"The next time we meet again, I hope to see that your gifts very protective of you." Jim said.

"I look forward to our next meeting." Riker said, shaking the hand of the shorter but old man.

"As do I, captain." Jim said.

The hand shake between Riker and Jim ended. The cubs were making strange sounds that reminded Spock of a kitten. In Riker's other arm was the cub snuggling in with a yawn. Their hands let go of one another. Jim and Spock walked toward the transporter pad. Jim felt excited at the prospect of spending the beginning of their retirement on a planet where they could sit back and relax, enjoy themselves, rather than be packing and leaving as being an Ambassador meant going places when on duty. Something new without being called out huge fans.

A hundred years after their exploits there were still young cadets curious about their adventures and wished they could one day be them. But that frequent recognition was dying out. That Jim was grateful of. But not the war that Star Fleet had with The Dominion. There was one bad attack in San Fransisco. There was many causalities, though San Fransico was not the only place attacked, there was Riverside. On that day after the attack had ended, Spock returned to Riverside on his search for Jim. There was nothing being channeled through their bond. He would have known if Jim died. He had never felt Jim die. But feeling nothingness from the otherside of the bond was as close as it could get to a loss for Spock. Scared, afraid, and worried. Jim was among the people who were rebuilding right away at least with some help. The stupid look on the man's face waving back Spock with a delighted expression while on a ladder eased Spock's worry and relieved him as well. Jim claimed to be busy and got caught up with rebuilding and helping people that he completely forgot about the bond. Spock was one of the fortunate. Others were not as fortunate as Spock. The Dominion had intentionally attacked Riverside. They, then, made the war personal. Close to home for Spock. Romulus and Qo'Nos were also targeted. It made Spock's duties just that easier requesting for their help to take the Dominion down.

A decade ago Star Fleet had returned to its exploration outlook while still in a state of rebuilding.

That era was over.

Star Fleet had recently returned to to its explorers mode.

Once Spock and Jim had boarded, they turned in the direction of the captain and the counselor.

"Live long and prosper." Riker said, doing the ta'al sign.

"Oh, we will." Jim said,

"Live long and prosper." Spock replied, reciprocating.

Riker turned his head in the direction of the lieutenant at the transporter console.

"Energise." Riker said.

Spock lowered his hand as the familiar melody came to his ears. Jim took Spock's left hand. In a blue haze the two vanished and were replaced by McCoy holding the ears of Bashir and Garak appearing to be rather pissed off. McCoy sent them tumbling down to the ground crashing upon one another. McCoy picked up the bag alongside him right over to his shoulder. His right gray eyebrow twitched.

"You said that you would pick me up in a week!" McCoy said. "Not TWO! NOT THREE! NOT A MONTH! AND YOU SWORE TO ME THAT I WOULDN'T HAVE GUARDS STATIONED ON ME! That is it, I am goin' back to Georgia!" The doctor went past the two men fuming. "That was the worst vacation I ever had with a pair of men oblivious to the fact that they were gay on my tail! And I am never goin' to request for a ride from this ship again!"

Riker had a bewildered look on his face.

"Garak?" Riker said, as the the country doctor exited the transporter room. "Bashir?"

Bashir and Garak got up.

"Yes?" The two men said in unison. The doors closed behind admiral McCoy.

Riker narrowed his eyes.

"I told you not to be seen." Riker said.

"Well, that was difficult with McCoy being at rallies," Garak said. "And the earthquake relief he attended and car crashes he helped in and Admiral McCoy being a volunteer EMT internationally and--"

"I get the point." Riker said, shaking his free hand.

"Though it was easy to be under the radar," Bashir said. "We went as cos-players traveling the world." He took out a knap sack and opened it wide showing a blue uniform ripped out of the past with a grin on his face. "I have the original attire!"

"Don't mind him," Garak said. "Bashir is geeking out over the original uniforms being available."

"The medicine there was basic and primitive," Bashir complained. "I don't know how the admiral McCoy stood it."

"Other than that," Garak said. "Thank you for recommending us to this mission."

"Hello, Miss Troi." Bashir said.

"It's Mrs Troi now." Deanna said.

"Congratulations," Garak said. "Captain, I am grateful for the mission you informed me of. It . . . was quite stressless and surprisingly relaxing."

"The admiral was easy to watch despite the difficulty," Bashir said. "He didn't know the shady people Garak had to eliminate who were intending to do quite some bodily harm." He pointed over his shoulder. "I enjoyed this mission. And return to Deep Space 9."

"You are dismissed." Riker said.

The two men nodded then went in the direction of the door. Garak had one hand wrapped around the skinny waist of Bashir. Garak towered over the man. Deanna turned in the direction of Riker with the pups in her arms with a raised eyebrow. Riker had a sheepish shrug with a short nervous laugh and asked, "May I use Star Fleet's concerns as an excuse?"

"Captain, as counselor, I implore you to apologize to the doctor." Deanna said.

"And as my wife?" Riker said.

"I insist you apologize." Deanna said, with a glare.

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