4 differences


5. 1st of September

Dear diary

I was out in the woods. It was full moon I just turned into a wolf. And then she came. she was close to my neck like she was supposed to bite me I was scared and screamed. she ran away. And then I saw it was Elena and then it came to me she's a vampire. so tomorrow I will be talking to her by myself that's first time I have ever talked to someone by myself or without them talking first. I'm pretty scared for it but I wanted to be 100% sure that she is Vampire. And I don't even know if she's going to tell me. but I told her that I am a wolf. And if she won't tell me I will be 95% sure that she is a vampire because then she won't admit that it was her out at the woods yesterday night.

Sorry that I haven't written in a few days but I've been too busy with homework. so I'm really sorry.

this is actually everything for today but I'm probably going to update you guys tomorrow

XOXO Rachel Gilbert

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