4 differences


3. 11th of August

Dear diary

Today the worst thing ever happened

The girl I ran into yesterday asked me. If I wanted to hang out at her house. And for some reason I said yes I have never been to a different house or actually I never had some sort of friend I just felt a connection between us.

When we were at her house. We were hungry. She got some sort of red juice. And fortunately they had something with meat.

When we were done eating. I was on my way to go home. But then she asked me a question. I couldn't hear it all but it was something like "what are you?" I didn't know what to say. So I whispered "wolf" and the only thing she said was interesting..

And now I'm here laying in my bed and don't know what to think.

Because if she is a human she maybe got afraid of me.

Hopefully she isn't. Because for now she is my only hope for the future. Because if she is a human she can tell everyone and then no one is going to like me

And I actually know her name. She is called Elena

But sorry I need to go eat dinner

Today for dinner we have meatballs in curry sauce WITHOUT RICE!!!

XOXO Rachel Gilbert

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