A love of Harry Potter +a Secret

Lily never knew she was a witch until now, her life is full of amusement and light. Once she was accepted into Hogwarts she finds a new love interest Harry Potter. But he isn't as perfect as she had thought. Then when Lily finds out that Harries best friend Ron likes her she is in some sort of love triangle that she cannot escape. And when Harry tells her a secret that endangers the way of her new life she desperately wants, will she drop out of Hogwarts ?


2. Aunt Rosemary

I got only a few good hours of sleep before waking up to the sound of a CRASH. I had no clue what it was and I knew I was home alone for my Aunt Trisha was on her morning " run" which consisted of her walking down to the nearest gas station and flirting with the grubby clerk, I didn't want to say anything but sometimes she would come home drunk with her yoga pants on backwards, I knew what she was doing all those times down there making out with him behind the check out counter. (She is even married!), then there is my Uncle Duncan who is at a cooperation meeting deciding wether or not plastic cups should be banned in London, and last but ( very very least) was my anorexic cousin Paulette who was at a rehab center which was doing her no good because she still refuses to eat. With all this in mind I cautiously went down stairs.

To my strangest surprise I saw a plump Middle Aged women with ferocious pink hair; and she was dusting glass shards off her very flamboyant orange cardigan and had clearly no clue that I was even in the same room. I was lost for words at the moment so I could merely just say a very shaken " Um... Hello?" She turned around and looked at me square in the eye and said very sugary " hello dear, I heard of your acceptance to Hogwarts. I am you great Aunt Rosemary and I am here to take you, Lily to live with me, so if you will there is not much time before your lunatic parents come back ( even though she was the one to crash through the dinning room window) . Just pack a trunk with your clothes and belongings don't forget the diary and spell books." She didn't even take one breath, just looked back at me with hopeful eyes. " I'm sorry I have never heard of you before and, how do you know I am a wizard? How did you find me?" I said very hotly, trying to get some answers. " I know you are very confused right now but you have to trust me I am you biological mums sister and I have custody over you ( she took out a long document I recognized to be associated with the ministry of magic) now I will answer any more of your questions later when we are safely back in my house, please now go and get packed I will leave a note for your um... Parents." She said in a more confident tone .

I really did want to get away from here so I just replied " don't bother leaving a note for them anyway they will be happy I'm gone, and I know this seems like kidnapping so I will just follow along because anywhere else is better than here." She smiled kindly at me and said quite briskly " go please -trunk ". I didn't know at all who she was and why she was taking me , and how was I in danger? I thought about these questions for a moment before slumping upstairs to fetch my truck and started to sloppily pack my clothes and my books and a stuffed animal, I didn't really have much. Then I left from the top landing and went down stairs to find that she was impatiently tapping her foot. " ok great dear lets go" she pulled out some weird stick and lifted my trunk into the air and into the fire place.

She then told me to hold out my hand and handed me what looked like left over charcoal dust that shimmered. Before I could ask what it was she said " I apparated here, but I think it would be more comfortable to travel by floo powder. Ok so what you want to do is throw the powder into the fire and say very clearly wildflower cottage" I looked at her puzzled but by now she was already pushing me into the fire and saying " move along, we haven't got all day". I just closed my eyes threw down the powder and said " wildflower cottage" then steam started to rise around me and I felt as though I was falling, the air around me seemed to have moved faster as I felt I was traveling through a port hole. I didn't know how long I have been traveling for it felt like almost half an hour. Until suddenly I felt myself drop onto a rough stone fire place in a small hut outside of a forest. I stood up and brushed the ash from my hair and clothes and looked around, I was amazed I couldn't think how on earth I was able to get here through a fire place; but my thoughts were soon interrupted when my Aunt Rosemary came crashing through the fire.

She sprung up happily and said " welcome home, please be comfortable and get rest, for tomorrow we will be going down to Diagon Ally to get the rest of you school supplies." "thank you very much, but I still have questions that I need to be answered?" I said calmly. She took a deep breath and rolled her eyes to the back of her head and said " I can't answer too many questions my dear, special orders from your schools head master Dumbledore. But I can say that I am a witch as well, your parents are also wizards. This was why I came and got you. I know that you would be much more happier living with someone connected to the wizarding world than muggles." "what are muggles?" I asked, she then looked flushed and said annoyed " please save the rest of your questions for tomorrow when you are better rested but muggles is a term we wizards use for people who are not wizard just ordinary people like your adopted family." I could fell my face sag I was still so confused and didn't know really where I was or even what kind of place was Diagon Ally, but I felt myself relax as my Aunt brought me tea and a warm blanket. I thought that she would tell me every thing tomorrow. " now please get some rest I will be in the other room if you need me" I really did appreciate all her hospitality so I said in a mocking sweet tone " thank you for everything" she gave a big grin and blushed slightly. I knew I was going to like it here.

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