A love of Harry Potter +a Secret

Lily never knew she was a witch until now, her life is full of amusement and light. Once she was accepted into Hogwarts she finds a new love interest Harry Potter. But he isn't as perfect as she had thought. Then when Lily finds out that Harries best friend Ron likes her she is in some sort of love triangle that she cannot escape. And when Harry tells her a secret that endangers the way of her new life she desperately wants, will she drop out of Hogwarts ?


1. A letter of hope

The days were cold, and long. I never knew anything about my parents, they died a little while after I was born. I didn't know anything about their passed and there was no way my adopted parents were going to tell me about them. "Lily, get down here" I would hear my Aunt Trisha say every morning at 5:30 AM. I would then have to drag myself downstairs and see her in really tight yoga clothes that were too young for her age. "Get me my brand new Italian tea, it's suppose to help me loose 15 pounds in 1 day" she said enthusiastically. " Yes Aunt Trisha" I would choose to reply in a rather cool tone. Sometimes she would pick up on my very dull attitude and send me to my small room in the attic. Little did that old git know I enjoyed my bedroom. I would then happily slump upstairs to my room where I would read old books I found about spells and potions. When summer when nearly at its end I got a strange letter at my window, I didn't know where it came from or how I happened to get it but it read

"Dear Lily Podmore,

I am pleased to address this letter to you, I have confirmed your identity to be the offspring of Dean and Kate Podmore. You are a wizard and is welcomed to join Hogwarts the school of witchcraft and wizardry. The term shall start on September 5. Please catch the Hogwarts Express at kings cross station -platform 9 3/4 to attend Hogwarts. Any further questions should be sent by owl. Hope to see you soon." Yours dearly,

Minister of magic Percy Weasley"

The letter was than followed by a book list which was rather strange, but to my own amusement I found that the spell books I have been reading since I was 10 were exactly the books I needed on my school list. But I wondered where in the bloody hell was platform 9 3/4 was it merely between platforms 9 and 10 what did I have to do to find it, jump right through the barrier I tease to myself . But the more I thought about the letter I found that my thoughts were all jumbled up, I was a wizard? This could not be true my whole life I thought I was a normal person who just came across really cool rubbish in the attic of her room. How have my adopted parents never have told me about this, why was this a secret to keep? Did they even know I was a wizard? Should I confront them, and demand that they tell me the truth? cold sweat trickled down my neck, I felt really dizzy with a very odd empty pit feeling in my stomach. I thought "did they make a mistake"? But then I came to the realization that the idea of me being a wizard wasn't too far fetched. My mum left me a diary that hinted at a "another world" but she wrote to me as though she would be there explaining it to me, like a mother reading a bedtime story to her children; but little did she know her deadly fate. I also held a small ray of hope that I would be leaving Durmingham Lane and getting away from bony rude faced Aunt Trisha, Uncle Duncan who was purple in the cheeks all the time, and my selfish anorexic cousin Paulette. I laid back down on my bed since the sun has not come up yet and I fell asleep thinking about leaving my old life behind.

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