LOVE IS FOR FOOLS - Fifty Shades of Grey: Elena's Story **Explicit Content**

So just how did Elena Lincoln become Mrs. Robinson the Evil Bitch Troll? What made the doting wife turn to BDSM and how was her life turned upside down when troubled teen Christian Grey turned up at her door? Written due to a number of reader requests, this is Elena's story from her point of view.



Six Months Later...

The flogger lashes repeatedly against my skin. I cannot see, I cannot move and I cannot speak. My Dom has utter control over me and I am his to do with as he pleases. I am quiet, meek and

...utterly Submissive...

The past six months have been nothing short of an education. I have learnt not only to accept control, but to assert control over my own body. I no longer pant uncontrollably like Lassie on heat. Even now - cuffed and spreadeagled against Adam's St. Andrews Cross - I am calm; putting every ounce of my trust in Adam's Domination over me.

The lashings come to a stop and I listen acutely over the melodious Spem In Alium playing in the background; my hindered senses heightening others. I hear Adam rustling around and my anticipation grows. Suddenly, something soft brushes my sensitised skin and I know it's the feather duster Adam bought just for me. It has a long, black wooden handle, short, tightly packed downy feathers at the base, then longer individual black feathers - like Raven's wings - coming out of the top.

He swirls the duster around my breasts, down my stomach and round the insides of my thighs, where I am particularly ticklish. I squirm and pull on my restraints with a muffled groan. He brings the duster to my waist and  I feel him circling me, then his voice is in my ear.

"Do you want me to fuck you now, my Venus?" He rasps.

I nod frantically. I have been on the verge of climaxing for so long, I'm amazed I have somehow managed to control it.

From behind me I feel Adam untie the ball gag and I stretch my mouth and jaw in blessed relief. Then his hands are at my temples and he lifts off my eye mask. I keep my head lowered as I blink rapidly, trying to re-focus to the light. I see Adam's bare feet and legs walk around until they are in front of me.

"You may look at me." He snaps.

I immediately lift my head to find him stroking his impressive erection - not that it ever needs much encouragement...

"I've had to wait over a week to fuck you, because that miserable, small-cocked bastard took you to Manhattan because of business," He hisses the last word, obviously annoyed that I was still highly invested in making Linc's business a success, despite being unofficially separated.

As far as our friends and investors were concerned, we were still happily married, but Roger and I hadn't been intimate again since I'd met Adam. Linc finally seemed to accept that for the time being, it was over between us and I had redeveloped two of our spare rooms as my separate bedroom and dressing room. I brought in my own team from Adam's recommendation, who were also experts in designing secret 'pleasure rooms', hidden within other rooms. My pleasure room or Boudoir was built into my dressing room, which, like my bedroom, had a separate security lock that only I knew the combination to. Linc had huffed, but I insisted if I was to stay under his roof I wanted my independence - starting with securing my own rooms and continuing with building an extension at the back of house, where I could take up new hobbies and not be constantly under Linc's gaze or have mess everywhere.

Adam places his cock at the entrance to my sex; wet and quivering in anticipation, and pushes the first couple of inches inside me.

"Watch me," he orders. "Watch how I'm going to fuck your brains out for denying me your tight, wet pussy for eight days."

"Yes, Sir," I breathe, and he plunges straight into me, but the heavenly feeling makes my head loll backwards into the 'V' of the cross.

Oh, how I've missed him...

Suddenly he grabs either side of my jaw and brings my head forwards.

"I SAID WATCH!" He snarls. "Or I will shoot my load over your tits right now and leave you hanging!"

Shit! My eyes spring open. "Sorry, Sir." I apologise hurriedly. "But I have missed Sir very much and my pussy has been aching for Sir's cock."

His glacial blue eyes soften and he slowly pulls out and then gently pushes back in. "I've missed you too, my Venus." He breathes. "Not just to kiss and fuck, but just to talk and spend time with you." He withdraws and pushes back slowly again and I have to concentrate really hard not to close my eyes.

"Say it," he whispers.

"Fuck me. Please, Sir."

"Again," he breathes, blue eyes glimmering.

"Fuck me. Please. SIR." I say with more conviction.

"LOUDER!" He snarls and pushes himself in to the hilt.

I inhale sharply. "FUCK ME. SIR. PLEEEAASSSEE..!" I cry and he beams triumphantly and begins to move against me so that we're...




I am wired so tightly I know at this pace my release won't take long, but I concentrate really hard to delay my impending orgasm as much as I can. Adam thrusts strong and large inside me; blue eyes intense and on fire, jaw set hard and all of his muscles pulled tight. I begin to tremble and I know I'm on the precipice.

"I. Want. To. Hear. You. Scream." He pants with each thrust, and his hands grasp my ass and hold me in place, as he continues to mercilessly pound into me.


"I'M COMINNNNNNGGGGGGG!" I scream loudly, as an intense orgasm hits my belly and radiates out of me in a million different directions. My lungs burn from my scream, my eyes water and my body churns and throbs around him.



He plunges his lips onto mine and ravages my mouth as he continues to fuck me with the same intense pace.

"I'm gonna come," he breathes against my lips. "Don't close your eyes." He warns. "I want you to watch me until you've taken every last drop of my cum."

"Yes, Sir." I pant, my body still trembling around him.

His beautiful eyes widen and his irises light up and dilate with pleasure as he begins to climax inside me.

"Yesssssss..." He hisses. "Oh...fuck...Yessssss..." He rocks his hips hard against mine as he continues to pulsate, my body opening up around him as it begins to relax again. "SO. SO. GOOD." He pants, as he thrusts deep one last time inside me and I feel his balls clench, then slowly relax again and he rests his damp forehead against mine.

"That was amazing, Sir." I whisper, sated and utterly spent.

Please take me off this damn cross now...

He lifts his head away and smiles. "It's always amazing with you, my Goddess. Now how about I get you down and give you a massage?"

"Yes please, Sir!" I reply eagerly.

Smiling, he kisses me swiftly, then begins to undo my cuffs.


"You sure you're okay going back in a cab? Emelia can only make it today at 4pm, otherwise I have to wait another four days until she's available."

Emelia...The new Submissive that he keeps telling me about. Dammit.

A pang of jealousy swiftly sweeps through me at the mention of her name. I knew from the onset that Adam and I weren't exclusive and at the beginning, it hadn't bothered me. But now...Now...I'm beginning to resent the fact that he fucks other women as well.

It's making me feel like I'm not enough for either man in my life...

"Fine," I say tightly as I pull my hair into a pony-tail and bend to tie my sneakers. Thanks to the regular sexual workouts Adam was putting me through, I'd dropped a few pounds and really toned up over the past six months. I'd already gone down a dress size and was well on my way to dropping another one. Unfortunately, Linc had somehow noticed the difference - this from the man who never even realised when I'd had my hair done - so the quickest excuse I'd found was that I'd taken up jogging to keep in shape as well as my regular tennis sessions. When I was meeting Adam whilst Linc was in Seattle, I'd get a cab to drop me near the Art Gallery and then Adam would drive me back and drop me two blocks from the house in a secluded street. I'd then jog home and keep up the pretence.

Adam comes and stands in front of me as I straighten up. "What's your schedule for the next week?"

I screw my face as I try to think. "Umm...It'll be Wednesday lunchtime until I'm free again. I'm tied up with Linc for the next few days..."

"You better not be tied up anywhere with that bastard," he growls. "I'M the only one who gets to tie you up. Understand?"

I nod in exasperation and turn to grab my purse. His hand grasps my jaw, forcing me to look into his intense blue eyes.

"Elena...What's wrong? I am sorry I can't spend more time with you today, but sometimes schedules will come into conflict..."

"So I have to just  accept the fact that the minute I leave, you'll be setting up your dungeon for a scene with another Submissive, but YOU'RE allowed to get angry because I have to spend time with a man I'm not even fucking!" I snap. I move my jaw out of his grasp, duck under his arm and stalk off towards the elevator. It takes him all of three seconds to overtake me and get to the elevator doors before I do. He leans into the frame blocking my exit, so I have no option but to face him. I lift my head and find him looking at me in confusion.

"Elena...I don't know why you are getting pissed at me. You know we're not exclusive and as your Dom, if I want to get pissed at you, I will get fucking pissed at you. And as my Submissive, you will fucking except it!" He snaps angrily.

I take a deep breath.

Here goes nothing...

"Well...What if I want us to become exclusive? Why do you need to fuck other women too? Why aren't I enough for you?" My voice is so high and shrill with indignation, I barely recognise it as my own.

Adam narrows his eyes at me. "Since when do you think you can judge me?" He begins in a low menacing tone.

What? "I am not judging you, Adam..." Shit. I rub at the knot in my forehead. "It's just...just...I wish it was just me and you. I want to know I'm enough for one man." I reach a hand out towards him. "I...I'm developing feelings for you, Adam..."

He gasps and staggers back against the elevator door as if he's been slapped. "No, Elena." He breathes. "Whatever you think you are feeling, stop it now. There is no room for sentiment in a BDSM relationship."

I frown unhappily. "I don't want sentiment, I just want us to be exclusive and for this mean something to you."

"It does," he insists.

"Well, it doesn't feel that way. Roger cheated on me for God knows how long and you prefer not to be exclusive. It doesn't do much for my feelings."

He sighs and runs a hand over his face. "I see where your coming from, Elena and perhaps we could discuss this further, but," he glances at his watch.

"Fine," I say in defeat. "Just call the damn elevator. The cab will be waiting."

Without another word, Adam moves to the side, presses the button and the elevator doors hiss open. I step inside and Adam watches me impassively as I press the Up button.

"I'll be in touch," he murmurs as the doors begin to close.

I nod, blinking back tears as the doors shut, propelling me upwards and taking my insecurity and misery with me.

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