LOVE IS FOR FOOLS - Fifty Shades of Grey: Elena's Story **Explicit Content**

So just how did Elena Lincoln become Mrs. Robinson the Evil Bitch Troll? What made the doting wife turn to BDSM and how was her life turned upside down when troubled teen Christian Grey turned up at her door? Written due to a number of reader requests, this is Elena's story from her point of view.



I jump as Adam's fingers touch my cheek.

"Elena...If fellatio is going to be a hard limit for you, tell me now and we can move onto the next scene."

My eyes find his concerned face looking down at me. "Are you okay? I've asked you the same question three times and all you keep doing, is staring at my cock."

Shit! "I...Umm...It's a very nice cock." I breathe.

Very nice wasn't exactly the greatest superlative to describe what was practically winking at me. Long, hard, thick, wide...with corded veins that surrounded it like vines around an oak tree.


Even the word cock was hardly appropriate...

                                                                                  ...WEAPON would be more accurate...


I finally drag my gaze away and sweep it up to his face, where he is beaming triumphantly. "So...I've been right all along about the size of Linc's cock..?"

I shake my head. "At this moment in time, I'm not entirely sure he's even the same species as you!"

He chuckles softly then grabs himself and achingly slowly strokes his cock up and down. I watch mesmerised. Roger certainly never did this.

We'll certainly not in front of me, anyway...

The corded veins swell before my eyes as he gets impossibly larger. An opaque drop of dew appears at the crest of his cock. "Wanna taste me?" He whispers huskily.

Any fear or trepidation I had about fellatio immediately disappears and I realise that right at this moment, there is nothing more I want to do than feel Adams warm, hard cock on my tongue.

I was practically salivating...

"Climb onto the bed, turn around and lie back. I want your head lolling off the mattress."

Huh? I look at him in confusion. "How's that going to work?"

"Placing your head into that inverted position means your neck and throat will be extended. It will be easier for you to accommodate me and will make you less likely to gag." He strokes my lips with his thumb and bends to look me in the eyes. "Trust me?"

I nod slowly.

"Say it." He suddenly commands, and I remember his email and his definitions of my submission to him.

"I do trust you, Adam." I say reassuringly.

"Good girl. I'm leaving your hands untied. If you need me to pause, raise your left hand, then wave it when you are good to go again. If you want me to stop, then raise your right hand and I will pull out immediately."

I gasp. "Can you exercise that much control over yourself?"

"Being a Dominant is all about control, Elena." He smiles. "Now lie back."



I'm beginning to think Roger and I never actually had sex...




When we'd first tried fellatio, I'd been kneeling down on cold bathroom tiles as Linc pushed his cock into my mouth much like the way we had sex - short, sharp thrusts that were over in a couple of minutes. He certainly never had me in this position - lying back on a comfortable mattress whilst supporting my head - as he thrusts into me with long, slow strokes. Words of encouragements and praise are only stopped by Adam's deep moans of pleasure. He pulls back and just leaves the thick crest in my mouth.

"Run your tongue around the head...That's it. Now suckle me...Yesssss..." He cradles my head in his large tanned hands. Adam opens his eyes and they glow like blue shards of ice. "Can you taste me, my Venus?" He rasps. "Can you taste how scorching hot I am for you?"

He tastes like salted caramel. All sweet, rich and zingy.

I nod the best I can in my inverted position with my mouth full.

He gently withdraws his cock. "Tell me. Tell me how much you want my cock pumping hard inside of you."

"I do," I breathe.

He shakes his head. "Try again."

I swallow. Why is this so damn important to him? He knows it's not something I'm used to. "I want to feel you inside of me," I whisper.

His thumb strokes my lips. "That will do for now, but it's something I want you to work on, okay?"

"Okay..." And how exactly am I meant to do that? Practise talking dirty to myself in front of the mirror?

"Turn around and go lie against the pillows," he orders softly. "I'm going to bind your feet to the bedposts. I'm using silk scarves, so it won't hurt."

Ohhh...It's going to be a night of firsts tonight for sure. I obediently turn to the top of the bed and rest my head on the over-sized pillows, as I watch him move to my dresser and open the top drawer. He removes two dark satin scarves, closes the drawer, then climbs gracefully onto the bed.


Within moments his dexterous fingers have secured me to the two posts at the end of the bed. Using his hands on my hips again, he gently moves me to the centre of the bed. It's not the most glamorous of positions - spread eagled in the middle of the bed - and I'm now totally exposed to him. I should feel embarrassed, fearful, vulnerable even. But oddly I feel none of these things. Adam has already seen every inch of me intimately; his tongue has explored me with my own free will and his soft warm hands gently traveling up the insides of my thighs, are making me feel cherished in a way I have never felt before. Adam kneels between my legs and parts my labia even further. He places his cock directly over my clit and begins to rub me up and down. I'm already wet, but because I'm craving him so intensely, the movement makes me even hotter and wetter than I already am.


"You're torturing me," I pant. Loudly.

"Control, Elena. You are nothing without control." He rasps.

Dammit! This is harder than I thought it would be. What's taking him so long?

I try to squirm but I'm secured to the bedposts with his hands holding me in place. Somehow, in my desperation, inspiration strikes.

"Fuck me." I plead in a voice I barely recognise as my own. "I need your cock pumping hard inside me. Please...Sir..." I implore, all unease of talking dirty seemingly eclipsed by my intense need to have him fuck my brains out.

Adams bright blue eyes seem to glow from within for a moment, then he's moving swiftly, placing his large hands under my ass and lifting my hips into the air.


And in the next breath, he plunges deep into me.


I hear a lady scream and realise to my horror it's me. I don't even know why I screamed, but it's like a cathartic release of emotions that have been pent up since I parked the Audi earlier. He lowers my hips onto his lap and holds me there not moving just gazing intently at me. Gradually, I feel myself stretching around him and finally start to breathe easier.

"Green," I whisper.

A smile tugs at his lips, and he pulls back slowly before pushing back in again at a slow even pace. The feeling of him just being inside me, has me gripping the sheets with white-knuckled force.


He's so strong...

     ...So thick...

         ...And so...HUGE...


I feel like I'm losing my virginity all over again. It's such a different feeling to anything I ever experienced with Linc. His possession of me is absolute. Like he wants to make sure there is no space for another man to ever take me. Over and over he plunges in and out of me and I can feel myself trembling to hold onto him from the inside. Adam increases the tempo and begins to thrust hard, deep inside of me. Instinctively I want to close my legs but obviously I can't and my orgasm hits me hard. The tingling is replaced by heat, burning through me from my toes, coursing through me and...


I explode around him like the Fourth of July just collided with New Year's Eve on Times Square. Multi-coloured fireworks flash behind my tightly squeezed eye-lids and I'm not sure if I'm even breathing. In the distance I hear him growl my name against my throat and then I feel him detonate powerfully within me as my body continues to clench and churn around him. Burst after scorching burst surge into me,


Filling me...

...Igniting me...

...Before finally soothing me...


...and I feel Adam cradling me back into the mattress.


I open my eyes and Adam is levered over me, glossy with sweat, beaming from ear to ear and biting on his thumb, looking devilishly delicious.

"So, my beautiful Goddess..." He breathes. "How was that?"





Yes dear readers...So how was that? I hope it was worth the wait! Please let me know. Thank you all so much for reading, voting and commenting and please don't forget to check out my short story Diamonds In The Sky and let me know what you think 💋

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