The Direction of Growth

Sometimes to stay alive you've got to kill your mind.
Forget everything the adverts, the PSHE books and the teachers try to force feed you about Eating Disorders.
Allow yourself to be consumed by this self written log of day to day life, as you allow the food you should be devouring, to devour you.


1. Introduction

There are millions of books out there written about eating disorders. Many of them written by people who have genuinely suffered an from an eating disorder (ED), and many more written by doctors, dieticians and other professionals who have studied both the [physical and mental impacts of an eating disorder. There are diaries, cook books, medical journals, and essays written about EDs.  But in all these there are very few written by people currently suffering, very few that show the genuine reasons, genuine techniques and genuine psychological mind-set of an ana girl.

So here I am.

Here it is.

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