Nice guys finish last

You want a love that consumes you.
You want passion and adventure,
and even a little danger...

Melia and her best friend Sofia are just 2 typical girls living in a small town. One day Melia's life turns around when 2 boys fall for her. Jake is this popular boy who is as confident as he looks, and she has known him for a long time.
Then there is Evan who just moved to the city and by making a great impression at the school he is on everyones mind especially Melia's.
This is just the beginning of something she had never imagined, that she would fall for Jake and Evan, who will she choose?


1. The beach

The summer was ending and i was starting high school in a couple of days. I was a bit frightened just the thought of being a freshman. The only thing that made me look forward to start at Preston hills high school was the thought of not being alone, because i knew i would have my best friend next to me. My best friend is Sofia and we have been best friends since elementary school.

One day me and Sofia was on the beach, when a ball landed right next to me. I took the ball in my hands and looked at it. In that moment i realized how much i missed playing ball, but then someone called and got me out of my thoughts. I looked up and this beautiful human being was walking straight towards me, I couldn't take my eyes off him, it was like i had seen him somewhere before, but i couldn't remember where. Just like that it came to me and i knew exactly who he was. His name is Jake and he is a sophomore at Preston hills high school. The last time i saw him was a year ago, it was before he started at Preston hills. He was on the beach playing volleyball with his friends. i didn't know they were here until now, because usually people don't come to this side of the beach, and that's why i love coming here. I had been so much into the music and talking with Sofia, that i didn't know we weren't the only ones here. Jake had changed and looked way better now than what i remembered. He was smiling while walking towards me, and the minute i realized who he was i couldn't look him in the eyes. I looked at the ball and was focused on it. He stopped right in front of me "hey" he said. I looked up and said "hi" I was surprised that i even got a word out of my mouth, he made me so nervous and usually when i'm nervous i have a hard time to speak, even to say a single word. He joked and asked if i wanted the ball. In this moment i realized how stupid i must have looked, the way i had been staring at the ball for, i don't know how long. I told him that i just missed playing ball, without even looking at him and immediately gave him the ball. He thanked for the ball and left. The second he turned around, i looked at him and fell down on my knees. This was so embarrassing, and immediately wanted to punch myself and i would have if i could. He then turned his head for a second while he was still walking and smiled to me, I looked down immediately like i was busy with something. I didn't know why i was like this, but there were something about him that made me so nervous. Usually i'm shy but this was on another level. Sofia was laughing at me, and i would have done the same if i was in her position. I told her how i felt and Sofia then told me that i might have a crush on Jake, but i just shook my head and said no. i was in denial, but there was something special about him, for some reason there was just something about him that made me go crazy. 

We packed our things and started to walk home. A few minutes later we heard a car coming from behind us, and it was going the same way as us. It started to slow down when it came close to us and then drove really slow next to us. Someone rolled down the window and asked if we wanted a lift, it looked like some of Jakes friends and that's when i saw Jake on the drivers seat, he looked directly at me for a second and then looked back on the road again. His friend who had asked if we wanted to come with them was Nick, he was a nice guy and actually got really good grades. Some people would think that he is a geek but he is not, like Jake he is into sports. I looked at Sofia expecting her to answer, but she just looked at me. We were both really tired and wanted to get home fast, so i said yes to the offer and they stopped the car. There were 2 more boys in the back both twins named Ethan and Liam who i hadn't seen in a year either. Nick helped us put our stuff in the back of the car, while we were standing behind the car i suddenly saw Jake look at me in the rearview mirror, but the second we made eye contact he looked away and i looked away too. I so badly wanted to know if he was looking at me again, but i couldn't make myself look again, just the thought of him looking at me made me nervous and he had no idea. When everything finally was in the back, Nick closed the door of the trunk, and then told us that one of us had to sit on someone, because there weren't enough seats for all of us. Sofia had no problem with that and said that she would do it, so Nick got in first and took the back seat next to Ethan and right after him Sofia got in and sat on him. I didn't think that Nick had planned on sitting in the back, so the only seat left was the one in the front next to Jake. I began to regret saying yes to Nick, but there was nothing that i could do now, so i told myself to relax and just get in. I closed the door and we were on our way. I kept looking down, and i could hear Sofia laughing and them all talking in the back. I then looked up to see what Jake was doing besides driving. He had his focus on the road while enjoying the music. The minute i looked at him he turned his head and looked at me, but then got his focus back on the road again. I smiled for myself while i took my phone and kept my focus on it. He made me nervous and speechless and i couldn't even say a single word to him even if i wanted to. I just knew it would end bad and he did't say anything either. I was actually happy that he didn't talk to me, even though i couldn't stop think about what he was thinking about.

I got a message from my dad, he told me to stay at Sofia's place if i could, because my parents had to rush down to my grandmas place for some reason that he would explain later. i knew i couldn't stay at Sofia's place because her family had visitors over from Canada and it was a big family so they didn't have enough room for more people. Sofia had talked about it all day and felt it was too much, she needed to get away from all of it and that's why she asked me if we could spend the day at the beach, so i couldn't make myself ask her. my dad also told me that my brother was staying at a friend's place, so even if i wanted to go home i would be all alone, and i hated that. 

i just had to think what i could do instead of going home, and try to think of a way to solve this problem. i was happy that Jake took another way, because otherwise my house would have been the first one we got to. i put my phone down and looked out of the window, it was getting dark so i looked at my phone to see what time it was. i was surprised it was 09:30 pm, the time really flies, i just wished it would do the same when i'm bored in school. we got to Ethan and Liam's house first and then 5 minutes later to Sofia's house. i said bye to her and told her not to think much about her family but keep her mood up and be positive. i had to tell her this because there was so much chaos at her house. i also made sure she knew that if she needed to talk i was just one phone call away, she smiled and then walked towards her house. we were on the road again and no one said anything, i was sure that Nick was asleep because right when me and Sofia got into the car he had been talking non stop but now he didn't say a word. i looked away from the window and looked at Jake he was still focused on the road and the music that was playing. i looked out of the window again, but for a second it felt like Jake looked at me and even smiled. i was just about to turn my head but stopped myself, i tried to see his reflection in the window but for what i could see he had his focus on the road. 10-15 minutes later we were at Nick's house it was beautiful and actually not that big, but it was bigger than most of the houses in this town, however no one would be surprised about him living in a house like that because his mother is a doctor and his father is a lawyer so yeah they earn a lot of money, but if people look at him, they wouldn't see this rich kid, because he didn't really brag about it or show of either. He even have his own car but he doesn't use it that often, he likes to walk to school, but most of the time Jake picks him up, they mostly want to go together. i actually knew more about him than what i thought, everything that i know about him, i got from this little car ride because Sofia is such a curious person and kept asking him about different things, and he kept telling her everything that she wanted to know.
Jake reached Nick's arm and shook him a bit, he got up and Jake told him that we were at his house. Jake then slowly turned and i felt his breath on my cheek, he was so close and it was like my whole body was on fire that's how hot it suddenly got in this car and i got goosebumps all over my body. Nick took his stuff and said bye, he looked a bit tired, but he seemed to be in a hurry for something i couldn't figure out, but it was definitely not his bed that he was rushing towards, that i was sure about that.

i looked out of the window and it looked like it was about to rain. Whenever it rains i get in the mood for ice creme, i love chocolate ice creme and thinking about this made me smile. Jake got me out of my thoughts and said "you don't talk much, do you?", i turned my head and looked at him, he looked at me with these big beautiful dark brown eyes and then got his focus on the road again. i tried to speak but i just couldn't get a word out of my mouth, i got angry at myself and forced myself to say "no" while looking at him. He smiled and nodded. I then asked him the same question because he hadn't said anything either this whole time. A little beautiful laugh came out of his mouth, he then said "I don't talk that much, because i don't have much to say. It also depends on how my mood is, right now i'm a bit tired so that's why i haven't been talking, also i'm driving so i like to just focus on that while listening to music" I nodded and smiled.

we got to my house, but i couldn't make myself get out of the car, i knew no one was home so i didn't wanted to go inside, and i still didn't know what to do. Jake asked if i was okay, but i didn't know how to tell him why i wouldn't want to get out of his car. i looked at him took a deep breath in and then out, and just began to explain everything, i really didn't know what to do, and hoped he would come with an idea. He looked out of the front window and tried to think of something to help me solve my problem, and i began to think too but nothing came to me. It was getting late and we had to come up with something, i was a bit sad for making him stay and help me, but i was too afraid to be alone. He then told me that he might have an idea, but he wasn't sure if i would go with it. he suggested that i could stay at his house, but pointed out that his parents weren't home, so it was up to me if i wanted to stay at his house. i thought about it for a minute and his idea was better than nothing, and i couldn't come up with something better so i agreed but asked if he was sure and if he didn't mind. He just smiled to me and then started the car, that smile made me so weak that i would have fallen down on my knees if i hadn't been sitting. he didn't live that far from me and i was happy about that. Driving for so long made me so tired and i fought so hard to keep my eyes open, but unfortunately i fell asleep. When we came to his house he gently woke me up, even though i was really tired and had a headache that made me so weak, i tried to stand on my feet, but i was dizzy and my feet just couldn't carry my body. i was about to fall when Jake came and caught me. His touch was so gentle and just like that it made me wide awake. we gazed into each others eyes and at this moment it was like the whole world stopped and then like that i passed out for a second. He carried me up and my head rested on his chest, i could hear his heartbeat and it made me calm. It was like i was awake, but i couldn't open my eyes. the only thing that made me feel safe and calm was his warm body and calm heartbeat. He laid me on a bed and was about to leave when i reached out for his hand. i tried to look at him but it was dark, i could just see his head turn and i knew he looked at me. i didn't want to be alone in a strange room, i was scared because i was at a place where i had never been and the only thing that made me feel safe was him. i told him not to leave and that i was scared. He then got into the bed and put his arms around me from behind, and i could feel his body next to mine, it made me feel safe and i immediately fell asleep.               



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