Nice guys finish last

You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger.... Melia just turned 16 and is a soon to be freshman at beacon hills high school. Before she starts she and her best friend Sofia meet Jake and his friends on the beach. This is just the beginning of something she had never imagined, that she would fall for Jake a sophomore at beacon hills high school. She kind of hopes to get over him, but it's harder than what she thinks.


4. Heartbreak

When we arrived to the beach we didn't get out of the car immediately we just sat there saying nothing. I then broke the silence and told him that i liked him, but what we might have couldn't get any further for now. i knew he wanted to be with me and i wanted to be with him too but i told him that i did't think we could be together because he still had some drama that he needed to solve and i just didn't want any drama in my life right now especially when i'm going to be a freshman. I didn't look at him while i was saying this but i could feel that he looked at me. he didn't say anything and i really wanted to know what he was thinking. Everything that i had told him was something that came from my brain, but my heart wished right now that he wouldn't agree, i wanted him and it broke my heart the minute i told him this. I had tears in my eyes so i didn't want to look at him even though i wanted to see his reaction. I knew it was the right thing to say, but it still hurts and it's like a bad feeling that never seems to end, but i could really not handle any drama especially as a new girl. He told me what i had feared that i was right and that he needed to get his shit together. He knew how it was to be a freshman and told me that he would  be there for me at school no matter what and he didn't want me to be involved in his drama either. I was about to get out of the car when he suddenly grabbed my hand, in that moment i was paralyzed. I was facing the window and the tears kept running down my cheeks. I knew if i turned my face towards him in that moment i would tell myself to forget about everything and just hug him, but i knew that it was a wrong decision to make, so i told him that it was best for both of us that we let go of each other and maybe in the near future we would be able to work it out. If it was meant to be, faith would bring us back to each other, and we will find each other no matter what, but for now being apart was the best thing for both of us. He then after a bit let go of my hand and I couldn't handle it anymore, so i immediately got out of the car and ran over to Sofia, but i made sure to wipe away my tears before she saw me. the thing that hurts the most is that i knew it was kind of like love at first sight for both of us, and walking away before we even got to really know each other breaks my heart. I slowed down and was walking towards Sofia and she looked happy. Nick was with her, but left when i came. I knew where he was going and i was happy that he left. i just hoped that Jake wouldn't tell him everything that just had happened  not that i would mind if he told Nick everything, because they are best friends and i would tell Sofia everything when i feel the time is right, but for now i didn't even want to think about it.

She was sitting down but got up when i came. She said "hi" but instead of saying hi back i just hugged her really tight, i really needed a hug especially from her. She was a bit surprised and then after a minute asked if there was anything wrong, i just told her we could talk about it later and she just said okay. The thing that i loved most about her was that if there was something you didn't want to talk about she would just let it go and even change the topic. i had other friends who wouldn't easily let go of anything and just keep asking questions. Sofia is a friend that people should be grateful of, i knew i was. I then asked her how her day with Nick went, and she began to blush. I was really surprised because i had never seen her blush. She has had a couple of crushes and when we talked about them or even talked with them, she never even once blushed. I was happy for her, and Nick was a great guy. they both were lucky to get each other and if they ended up together i would be really happy. I immediately asked her to tell me everything.

She stated to tell me from yesterday and the first thing was that he only sat in the back because Sofia had said that she would sit on someone because there weren't seat enough for both of us and someone had to sit on someone. it was actually Jake who came up with the idea that Nick could sit in the back because he told Nick that he wanted me to sit next to him. If Sofia hadn't said that she would do it, they would have let us both sit in the back. They were really lucky that the plan went just the way they wanted it, and i was actually a bit happy to hear that Jake wanted me to sit next to him. Then after we had left them at their houses, they had actually met up after. Nick took his car and drove to her house and then standing outside of her house he had called her. She couldn't sleep so she answered it  immediately and it was Nick telling her to get out of her house and that he was waiting outside, she didn't believe him at first but then she had looked out of her window and seen him. She hadn't changed her clothes so she told him that she would be there in a minute and then hung up. She had a door out to her garden in her room so she went out of that just to make sure she didn't wake anyone up. it was in the middle of the night and Nick had told her that he couldn't sleep and it was because of her. He then asked if she wanted to drive around and she was up for it, so they went into his car and started to drive around in our town.              

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