Nice guys finish last

You want a love that consumes you.
You want passion and adventure,
and even a little danger...

Melia and her best friend Sofia are just 2 typical girls living in a small town. One day Melia's life turns around when 2 boys fall for her. Jake is this popular boy who is as confident as he looks, and she has known him for a long time.
Then there is Evan who just moved to the city and by making a great impression at the school he is on everyones mind especially Melia's.
This is just the beginning of something she had never imagined, that she would fall for Jake and Evan, who will she choose?


3. Death stare

We were on the beach and we all sat together. I thought that the boys would begin to play ball again just like they did the day before, but they wanted to sit with me and Sofia. We had talked for some hours and it was fun to hang out with these boys. Sofia suggested that we could make a little bonfire later today and everyone was up for it, we just needed to get some stuff. we had drinks and blankets, but we would need some food and wood for the fire. Sofia and Nick said that they would get some wood for the fire. Ethan and Liam needed to get home, but would come back again for the bonfire. Their mom had called and told them to come home because of something that needed to be done. So the ones there were left was me and Jake, this time i didn't mind spending my day with him. All the shyness was gone so now i could be more myself. Jake told them that he and i could get the food, and would drop Ethan and Liam off at their place. We went to Jakes car and was on the road again. i had never enjoyed car rides as much as i did now, Jake made the time fly and it was almost like i wanted to freeze some of the moments with him. We dropped Ethan and Liam off and Jake told them to call if they wanted him to pick them up again. they waved and went in, and we were on our way into the town.

We were in the mall having a bit fun, and weren't serious at all. Some people who looked at us, seemed annoyed by us, so i tried to be more calm and so did Jake too. i had never felt as comfortable in his company as i did right now. We were standing at the checkout, when suddenly i saw someone giving me the death stare. I looked at Jake and he could see something was wrong. Jake asked me what was wrong, i told him that it was nothing, but he kept asking so i then told him that someone was giving me the death stare. i asked him to not look around, but he did it anyway. His face froze when he saw the girl who was giving me the death stare, so i asked him if he knew the girl, he didn't say anything. He then told me to hurry up and get the stuff so we could get out of this place. He had a serious face, a face that i had't seen before and it scared me.

we were in the car and he didn't say a single word, he just sat there with a serious face and had his focus on the road. I wanted to say something, but i didn't say anything, i was too afraid to say anything. I knew he was in a bad mood, and i couldn't do anything about it. we had been driving for a while when the car stopped, Jake tried to start it again but it wouldn't start. He got out of the car and i did too. it started to rain and the time couldn't be more perfect. He kicked the car and i got even more scared, but instead of not saying anything i asked him if he was okay. He looked at me and he seemed angry. he was quiet for a while but then started to yell at me, he wanted me to leave him alone and told me that it was non of my business. I could feel the tears but i didn't want to cry especially not in front of him. I tried so much to hold them back, but i wasn't strong enough, they slowly ran down my cheeks and i turned around immediately. I started to slowly walk away, i could then hear him call my name, but i just kept walking. He was screaming that he was sorry, but i didn't stop just kept walking. this was the first time that i wasn't in the mood for ice cream and the rain made me more depressed. Jake was running after me while shouting sorry, and then i felt his hand on my shoulder and in that moment i felt paralyzed, i couldn't move and couldn't say anything either. He turned me around but i was still facing the ground. He told me that he was really sorry and that he would explain everything. He didn't know what went wrong with him. he then told me that he didn't mean to get his anger out on me, it was nothing he did intentionally. He stopped talking and i could feel that he was looking at me. He gently lifted my chin so i looked directly into his eyes and then he said sorry. I told him that i was scared, i was scared of him, the way he had acted was scaring and i couldn't just forget that. He was shocked, he didn't expect to hear that and was surprised. He didn't know what to say and just looked down at the ground. He then told me that if i didn't mind, i could still drive with him, i nodded. It was raining and i didn't want to explain to Sofia why i was walking so we got into the car. Jake called someone and asked them to get him petrol, he then hung up. We didn't talk just sat there in silence and we were both soaked. Jake then told me that he had some towels in the trunk and asked if i wanted one. I didn't look at him but nodded. My clothes was so clingy and i felt so uncomfortable. I wished i had some dry clothes to change into, but unfortunately i didn't. Jake reached me the towel it was so big and soft, it was perfect. I looked at him while i took it. His face wasn't serious anymore, and looked just the way i loved and remembered it, it made me forget everything that had happened, and i wasn't 'scared' of him anymore. He took his shirt off, and the only thing that i could think of was how unfair it was. I coughed and it didn't sound like a real one, but i only did it to get his attention, and it worked. He looked at me and said "you don't mind, do you?" and then he went on to tell me how uncomfortable he felt and he couldn't sit with wet clothes any longer. I did understand but i just thought it was unfair, like i felt uncomfortable too but it would seem more weird if i did it. He told me that he could look away and i could then take my shirt off and then put the towel around myself. I liked his idea and couldn't stay in this clothes anymore. I said okay and he then turned his head towards the window. I quickly took my shirt off and then put the towel around me, i looked at him to see if he was looking but it seemed like he didn't, though i couldn't tell if he could se my reflection in the window. he wasn't that type of guy and even if he had seen me take my shirt of, he still hadn't seen me naked, because my bra is almost like a bikini. I then told him that it was okay for him to turn around so he did. He then asked if it was okay for him to take his pants off, i just looked at him with these big eyes, and he got this boyish smile on his face. at this point i was like fuck it, he can do whatever he wants to do, so i told him that if he really wanted to take them off, then he should go for it but i told him that his underpants was off limits, he laughed and it was contagious which made me laugh. We went from looking to gazing into each others eyes. He slowly leaned in towards me and then i began to lean in. our eyes then went from looking at each others eyes to our mouths and then back to our eyes. We were so close that our nose almost touched and I then closed my eyes. Then this big sound of a hunk interrupted us right when we were about to kiss. We looked out of the window and Jake told me that it was his friend who came to give him petrol. He quickly took his phone but left his shirt in the car and went out to his friend. They had talked for a while and then Jake went back towards the car to put petrol in it and the friend left. He got back into the car and we didn't say anything to each other, he started the car and we were on our way back to the beach. 

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