best friend or boyfriend?

Thalia's in senior year at high school and she is just trying to make it last, she has 5 best friends named Zoe, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton. But she has a slight problem, she thinks she is falling for Calum....


8. why me?

 His eyes opened to me shouting and crying, he ran over to me but i collapsed on the floor, he crouched down into this awkward position to hold me "why me? what did i do?" i sobbed "babe i can explain" he said trying to look into my eyes. 

i manage to get up and sit on the couch "fine, explain" i say bluntly "okay so last night when you we're sleeping i got a phone call, my mum was crying and i didn't know what to do, but i found out my dad has been cheating on my mum." 

"oh baby im sorry" 
"so i went to the local bar a got drunk as hell to wash away the pain with alcohol, and i didn't realise that i had hooked up with a random girl...." he said breaking into tears "im so sorry" he mutters.

"Please don't" i say looking away, i am still little mad that he hooked up with some random chick but i guess he didn't mean it? i dont what to do? "okay Calum get some rest, i'll pick you up later" 

"thank you baby. For everything." he says looking to my eyes, he puts his head back on the pillow and drifts to sleep, i feel my eyes tear up a little from thought of what just happened.  

 I text Zoe 

me: heyy Zoe, can we catch up today? 
Zoe:of coarse, oh and i heard what happened, are you okay baby girl?
me: yeah i will explain everything in half an hour and starbucks?

Zoe: cool, see you soon babe.  



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