best friend or boyfriend?

Thalia's in senior year at high school and she is just trying to make it last, she has 5 best friends named Zoe, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton. But she has a slight problem, she thinks she is falling for Calum....


2. school skipper

Ashton nudged my shoulder then gave me a note, the note said "we are all skipping after this period, wanna come?" i gave Ashton a blank and said "mmm fine but for how long?" "the rest of the day" he whispered i gave him the 'fine whatever' look and went on with my work.  

When the class ended i got my bag a meet everyone at Calums car, i was sitting in the passenger seat when Calum reached over and toughed my knee and said "are you okay?" i gave him a confused look and said "yeah of coarse, why wouldn't i be?" "well you were staring out the window and Luke said hello and you didn't reply." he said quietly "oh sorry i was daydreaming" "oh okay cool" he said "anyway where are we going?" i say " we are going to Michaels house, we're all just gonna chill and play truth or dare or something" he said "coolio" i said putting my thumb up, i looked back out the window a starting daydreaming again.

"we're here" Calum yelled because everyone in the back was talking, we all piled out of the car and walked  into Michael's house, "who wants pizza?" Michael yelled, we all said yes. Luke suggested we play Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle, everyone chose truth or dare, great i'm probably going to have to do something stupid like always.


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