best friend or boyfriend?

Thalia's in senior year at high school and she is just trying to make it last, she has 5 best friends named Zoe, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton. But she has a slight problem, she thinks she is falling for Calum....


6. home sweet home

I ran inside as fast as i could whilst still trying to carry all the bags "whats wrong Thalia?" "some creep just reach out and grabbed my arm and i thought i was going to die, but i'm probably overacting" "no baby your not overacting, i will find that guy and kick the shit out of him, but babe are you okay?" he said "yeah,yeah, no im fine just shocked."

I looked at the living room and saw what he had set up for the movie, i was overwhelmed, there where candles and rose petals and chocolates on the table, "you like what you see?" "YES OMG CALUM ITS AMAZING" I yelled "thank you baby." i walked into the kitchen and put some of the food on plated and in bowls, i stole some of my parents wine, i poured us two a glass of wine each and took everything out to the living slowly so i wouldn't drop anything, Calum comes over and helps "thank you" i say looking into his eyes, he pecks me on the lips and lays down on the couch "hold on babe im just gonna go get changed" i yell walking away "okay" he says.

i come back in nothing but a greenday shirt and panties, "WOW" he says "thank you" i reply, "shall we" calum says gesturing to the TV. I hope onto the couch with Calum and snuggle down into his chest, he puts on Monsters inc and smiles because he knows i love this movie, "Thalia your so pretty" he whispers in my ear "thank you baby" i fall asleep in his muscular arms, i know its safe in his arms, i feel like i really belong with him.  

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