best friend or boyfriend?

Thalia's in senior year at high school and she is just trying to make it last, she has 5 best friends named Zoe, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton. But she has a slight problem, she thinks she is falling for Calum....


7. does he love me anymore?

i wake up from the sunlight, i look around and see no Calum, im so confused, i feel asleep in his arms and now he's not here?

I run upstairs and grabbed my phone, i dial his number but no answer. I pull on a pair of leggings and a white crop top and walk slowly to Calums house, "hello Mrs.Hood, is Calum home?" "no dear i thought he was with you" she said looking worried "oh okay, um i will find him" "okay, thank you oh and tell him to be home before 8" " i will" i say walking away.

i have no idea whats going on, i walk to Michael's house and ring the door bell "hey mikey is Calum here, we fell asleep on the couch last night and this morning i woke up and he wasn't there." "oh well yeah he came over last night drunk as hell, i thought you guys might have broken up or something well because he ahhh kinda....." "kinda what?" i yelled "k..kinda up stairs with some random chick" he said slowly looking at his feet "oh" i say quietly, i can feel my eyes prickling, then all of a sudden i start to ball my eyes out. Michael puts his arm around me and takes me inside "Thalia he was drunk he didnt know what he was doing" Michael say trying to comfort me "but what did i do" we only started going out yesterday" i say with hot tears streaming down my face.  

I stop crying after a while and turn to Michael and say "do you mind if i wake Calum up?" "no but do you really want to do that to yourself?" "i'll be fine" i say straightening my back, i get  from the couch and storm upstairs, i see him lying in bed with his shirt off, i glance at the tramp he was sleeping with, i go over and wake her up, i give her clothes and tell her to leave and never come back. She had no idea what was going, she just ran away i shove Calum awake "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?" i scream...

sorry i haven't updated, i have had lot of homework- Natalie_hood

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