best friend or boyfriend?

Thalia's in senior year at high school and she is just trying to make it last, she has 5 best friends named Zoe, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton. But she has a slight problem, she thinks she is falling for Calum....


5. creeps...

 "We have the whole house to ourselves, mums at dinner with dad" 

"fantastic,we can watch movies and eat everything in the pantry" he says with a cute smirk.

"that sounds great but im going to have to go to walk to the supermarket real quick so get everything ready for the movie and i'll be back soon" i yell getting my coat 

"okay but be safe, call me when you get there" 

"its only down the street Calum, but i'll still call you" i say with loving eyes.

I walk out the door int the warm summer night "i really didn't need this coat" i whisper as i peel it off my skin, im wearing denim shorts and a black singlet crop top, the warm summers night felt warm against my skin as i walk down the street.

i walk into the store and the first thing i grab is condoms.....the i grab a whole lot of junk food like chips, chocolate, energy drinks, cola and some other things, i go and checkout at the counter and i get a lot of weird look because of how much i carrying in my basket but i don't care.

i leave the store with all the bags and walk back into the quiet night, its cooling down a little, as i was walking i though i saw someone but i guess i didn't. 

This figure reaches out to gram my arm but i pull away, "who are you?" i say they say nothing and ran away.... i quickly ran home, home where there are no creepy men tryna rape me.....

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