Permanent Mistakes

“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”
-William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


1. chapter 1

AN. So for this book just pretend 5sos never got/gets famous. I'm just going to go with them still trying to make it big :) 


I was laying on my bed binge watching Supernatural when my twin brother Jake decided to just make his way into my room "So jule?" Oh great, here comes one of his "favors".

"Yes?" I said with no ounce of enthusiasm, but I paused my show to hear him out, even though what he asks me is probably going to stupid.

"So are you finally going to go to a party or what?" There's definitely a catch behind this. There has to be.

"Depends, what do you want?" I asked, cutting to the chase.

"What? I can't want my sister to finally go out and get some life experiences?" I could tell he wanted to laugh, but he tried to sound serious.

"Really?" I said laughing.

"Fine, you got me. Mom said that the only way I can go to the party tonight is if you go and be my DD" And there's the catch. I know it sounds weird that a mom would say 'Ya sure, go ahead and drink your ass off and possibly get someone pregnant', but our mom doesn't care as long as either me or his girlfriend Brooke goes with him and drives him home, only because she trusts us enough not to drink. He's been with her for a good two years now and we've all gotten to know her pretty well, like how her dad and uncle died while her dad was drunk, so she's sworn to never do that, and honestly I don't even think she really drinks at all anyway, and me, I don't really drink a whole lot to begin with and I have the good sense not to drink if I know I'm supposed to drive.

"And why can't Brooke drive you?" I asked, not enthused at all.

"Because she's out of town with her family over in Melbourne to see her grandparents for Summer break" I can't believe he can't find anyone else to be his designated driver, it's honestly pathetic, I mean, is everyone with a license a fucking alcoholic?

"Oh, well why can't you find anyone else?" I asked annoyed.

"Because everyone else is drinking" He said bluntly.

"Well isn't that great" I sighed "Who's party is it?" I asked.

"Ashton's, his family is out of town too, but he stayed" He said.

"Seriously? Why do you have to go to this one?" I asked. Why of all people? Not that it's really a bad thing, but I've literally had the biggest crush on him since middle school. He's like the hottest thing to walk the Earth and I don't know if I could keep my composer if I got too close and I'm thanking god that he was held back a year when he was little do I get to see that gorgeous face everyday.

"Jule, I know how you feel about this, but can you please go with me" He pleaded. I don't know why he's so desperate to go to this one, but I guess I could go, I'll just sit in a corner the whole time on my phone.

I sighed in defeat "Fine, I'll go, but what do I get in return?" I always have a bargain to be made, so he had to have seen this coming.

"Umm, the sweet pleasure of my company" He said it, but it sounded more like a question.

"You're gonna to do better than that" I said.

"Fine, umm-" I cut him off.

"I've got something" He looked at me like he had just realized what he had gotten himself into "How about you do all my math homework for the next month once school starts back up" I suck at math and he's awesome at it, so I know I'll pass, and he knows if he fails it on purpose than he's not going to have me as his chauffeur anymore.

He looked at me like I had just taken his happiness away from him...and it was priceless "Fine" He said in defeat.

"Ok, so when do we leave?' I asked all sassy.

"I'm gonna leave at like nine thirty" He replied with almost all of his enthusiasm thrown out the window.


He drove there and as we got closer my anxiety started kicking in at full speed. I can't do this. What if I see him and he thinks I look like a fucking retard. I was going to go out in my normal clothes which consisted of yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt, but Jake wouldn't let me walk out the door in that, so he had me go change into something "Worth looking at", so I put on my Guns 'n' Roses crop top and my favorite holy jeans and he gave me the ok. You'd think that he would want me to look a little conservative, but no, I have to have the weird brother who wants me to get out there and show off what I got.

He definitely noticed my nervousness "Jule, you're gonna be fine ok" He said to try an reassure me, but it just wasn't working.

"Ya, I'll be fine, just keep everyone away from the corner I''ll be sitting in" I said, my anxiety working up a storm.

"You can't just sit in a corner all night" He said. Oh ya, watch me.

We kept getting nearer and nearer, and all the while I thought I was going to die "Is it too late to turn back, cause I'd rather be at home by myself" It's not even just Ashton that's getting me nervous, but there's going to be so many people and I don't know if I'm up for it.

"You need to just calm down ok" He said for like, the tenth time this whole car ride, which mind you is only about an eight minuet drive with traffic.

Right before he pulled over and told me to get out he texted someone, probably one of his friends who's always trying to get into my pants. You'd think he's tell them to fuck off or something, but no, he encourages it.

We got out and walked for a good two minuets because of the long line of cars on either side of the road, and finally got up to the door. Luckily I had my best friend Summer come and she was waiting at the door "Hey, so you're facing your fears now I see" She said with a wink.

"Stop that forever" I replied, talking about her shitty wink.

"I know, I finally got her come" Jake said.

"I give you props for that. I probably wouldn't even had been able to get her here" She replied, and opened the door.

Right as I walked inside I was hit by the smell of all the booze and weed and I thought I was going to puke right there "Seriously, can I go home now" I said, nauseously.

"No, now you're going to go have some fun" Summer said before walking off over to who I'm assuming is her new play thing for the night. He's in trig with us, I just can't remember his name, he's hot though, props to her.

Just than I saw Ashton with his friend Luke -who I think is a Junior- walking over toward Jake and I. Oh shit, there's nowhere to hide.

I tried to walk away but Jake grabbed my waist "Hey Ashton!" He yelled over to him with a little wave to tell him where he was. I'm getting the feeling this fucker set me up.

Great, now he really is coming over this way. I probably look like a fucking retard, god dammit  "Oh hey!" He yelled back over, trying to maneuver his way around people.

He finally made his way around everyone along with Luke and stood maybe three feet away from me. I'm not gonna lie when I say I almost bolted out of the room. It was a second before anyone said anything, but his staring made things even more uncomfortable than before.

"Ok, so this is my sister Juliet. I finally got her to come" Jake said, trying to break the ice.

"Hey" Ashton said "Well I'm Ashton and this is Luke" Luke did a little wave and a smile after he introduced him.

"Hey" I said as awkwardly as possible. 

Another second later Jake walked away when he saw one of his friends -who I think is the biggest dick bag to walk the face of the Earth- "Well you kiddies have fun" Asshole, sticking me in a situation like this. He probably walked away knowing I'm going to murder him soon.

"Well uh, I'm uh, going to go sit somewhere" I said, even more awkwardly than the last time.

"Oh well I was going to give you a tour of the house" Ashton said smiling with those cute ass dimples he has "Since you're Jake's sister and you've never been here before...surprisingly" I don't know why that's so surprising, because if he's friends with Jake than he has to know how incredibly anti-social I am.

"Oh, umm, ok I guess" I replied, I would have said no, but I didn't want to sound like a total asshole.

"Alright" He said and hovered his hand over my waist in attempt to keep me up with him without being a total creep and actually touching me "So this is the living room, A.K.A where you'll find all the stoners" He said with a small chuckle along with Luke.

"Ya, so I might avoid this area because I know Jake doesn't do that and seems like he would kill you if you did it" Damn, this kids good.

"Ya, he probably would, not to mention my mom would dance on my grave after" She would shoot me and feel no remorse.

We walked into the dining room and I saw groups of guys in almost every corner with the occasional girl thrown in the mix "Hey Ashton!" Some guy yelled from the other room and started walking over.

"Hey Damian" They went and bro hugged for a second and started talking, and here I go now not even existing anymore.

I stood there for a good three minuets waiting for their conversation to be over when Luke came over and started talking to me "Hey, so umm, you might be waiting another minuet. Ashton is like a mom in a store when he starts talking to people" I can tell.

"I see, well I should probably go than" I said.

"Well you don't have to" He replied a bit nervously and I don't get why, nobody is ever nervous when they talk to me.

"And why not?" I asked.

"Because I know it might seem like Ashton is ignoring you, but he'd probably get a little upset if you left" Well if that's the case than i don't know why he sounds so nervous.

"Well why would I stay if I'm just going to get ignored?" I asked, sounding a little hurt. This always happens to me, so I don't intend on keeping my streak of being ignored at a party.

"Well I'm not ignoring you" Smooth as fuck.

"Ok, than I guess I can stick around" I said with a small smile.

"Alright, and I promise you won't be ignored tonight" Well that was cute.

"Ok, good, well uh, how do you know Jake?" It's not the best starter topic, but at least I could come up with one.

"I have a study hall with him and I don't know if you noticed but we have a study hall together and chemistry" He said nervous again.

"Ohhh, I knew I recognized you from a class this year" I feel like such an ass, but than again,  don't really pay much attention to other people I don't know in my classes.

"Ya, it's ok though, it's only the first marking period" Damn, now I really feel like an ass.

About five minuets later Ashton finally started to wrap up his conversation with Damian, but Luke and I were in a full fledged conversation now "So I have a feeling you've probably gotten every pick up line in the book that goes with your name" Luke said with a little chuckle, probably coming up with one in his head, but not one that I haven't herd yet.

"Yup, it's kind of annoying" I replied, not wanting to think about it. Some guys can be really desperate, it's pathetic.

"Hey Juliet, want me to be your Romeo, age is just a number" He said it in a mocking voice which made me laugh.

"I have to say, people never say it that funny though" I replied, and than noticed Ashton turning around.

"Ok, sorry about that, I just haven't seen him in a while. He goes to school like two hours away" He said for clarity.

"Oh, ok" Is all I could say. I can't help but choke up a little talking to him.

I started fallowing him into another room when a group of guys stopped him "Hey Ash, who's the girl? I know she's not your's" The taller one said creepily.

Not even a second later he grabbed onto my waist and pulled me close to him, so I'm now underneath his armpit, that really doesn't smell all that bad, he definitely just put on deodorant "Actually, she is with me tonight" He said and I looked at him funny. I am? How was I not informed of this?

"How is such a sexy girl like that with you?" One of the buffer guys said, obviously trying to piss him off. Why would you piss off the person who' throwing the party? Fuckin dumb ass.

"I don't know, she just is, now fuck off" He replied, obviously holding back a shit ton of rage.

"I don't think I want to" The last one said, who honestly looked like he could snap him in half. Seriously, is this kid on roids?

"I feel like this little fine thing should be with me instead" The first guy said and I honestly wanted to punch him in the face for talking so much shit.

"Ya, a guy like you doesn't deserve her" The last one said, all the while Ashton's rage just kept building and he looked like he was going to murder someone...but not before I do.

They kept saying so much rude comments about me that it just pissed me off to the point of no return and I got out of Ashton's grip, hauled up and punched the first guy in the face as hard as I could, which was pretty hard I might say, his face cheek started to bruise instantly and his nose started to bleed. Than I looked at my hand quick and it was all cut up from teeth, so I got him good, but than I looked at the guys and I got a little terrified of the really buff guy on roids, but I didn't back down, I'm not a pussy.

"This bitch" The guy I punched in the face said and in an instant my face was in pain, I didn't even see his punch coming at all, but after I could see again I looked over and saw Ashton and Luke on the ground fighting those guys, and a ton of other guys who obviously saw what happened, beating the shit out of them.

A minuet later Ashton and Luke came over to me, almost not even a scratch on them somehow, and sat me down while the other guys who helped threw the assholes out, almost literally. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry" Ashton kept saying over and over along with Luke who looked even more shaken up about it than Ashton "Dude, stay here with her while I go get her some ice" Ashton said before going to the kitchen.

"Do you feel dizzy or anything?" He asked.

"No, my face just stings" I said while holding my cheek.

"Ok, that's good, but you're gonna have a real good shiner that's for sure" He said, looking really pissed off.

"It's fine, it' not the first time I've gotten punched in the face" I said and he looked shocked.

"Really?" He asked.

"Ya, I had a guy in eighth grade beat the shit out of me because I told him off for making fun of my friend Summer" His facial expression went from Pissed off to something more like pity.

"I'm sorry, we should have just walked away" He said while hanging his head down low.

"Don't worry, it's fine" I said, trying to smile, but it hurts too much.

A second later Ashton walked in with two bags of frozen bagged corn and put one on my fist, than my eye "Thanks" I said and proceeded to try and convince him how it's in no way his fault, but he just wasn't having it.

"I still feel bad though" He said and looked like he was going to cry...just a little, I could tell he was holding back to not seem like a pussy.

We sat there for a good twenty minuets and I had so many people come over and ask me what happened and if I'm ok, I lost count.

"Let me see your eye again" Ashton said and I did "The swelling is going down a lot, but you should probably take the ice off for now" Since when did he become a nurse?

"Ok" I replied and did what he said.


I was here for about another hour when I ditched the bagged corn completely because it felt like my eyeball was going to freeze "Ok, so fallow me" Ashton said and I fallowed him out on the back deck where surprisingly almost no one was, only about five people out in the back yard.

He pulled out a small board from the deck and pulled out some Jack Denials "Dude, you got the good stuff" I sad and he chuckled.

"I know, it's my mom's" He replied and took a swig of it and than handed it to me "I know you're the DD tonight, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little bit and than you can work it out" I'd have to say that he's trying to get me drunk.

"Umm" It's so tempting, but I guess a little bit won't hurt, so I took it from him and took a decent sized gulp of it.

"Girl knows how to drink" He said with a laugh.

"What? You haven't seen a girl drink before" I said, taking another drink of it, and than another, but he stopped me.

"Ok, don't go getting drunk. This is some pretty strong shit" He said while drinking some more of it.

"I could say the same to you" I relied with a pouty look.

"I don't have to drive home though" He said with actually the sexiest look I think I've ever seen.

"Fine, you got me" I said, still pouting.


I swear we were out there for a good hour and a half just talking away, him drunk -not smashed, but pretty drunk- and me, almost completely sober, which is a big bummer, I love Jack Daniels.

"Oh ya, I wasn't done with the tour" He said, got up and than pulled me up out of the chair.

He lead me into the kitchen where I saw Summer making out with what's his face, not even paying attention to me, which is probably a good thing, because if she saw my eye she would flip shit.

We were only in there for a minuet and he lead me up the stairs and I knew where this was going, but oh well, who am I to complain.

We made it to the end of the hall and he opened up the door to his room, I'm assuming anyway "And this is my room" He said, clarifying for me.

"Nice" I said, walking in all awkwardly.

"You can come sit down" He said and plopped on his bed. I hesitated, but I did anyway.

This is definitely going to lead to a bad decision, but who am I kidding? I've wanted this for years. 



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