No is perfect....not even me....


1. Not perfect

Please don't call me....

cute or attractive or anything else, okay?

I'll spend hours in the mirror trying to see what you see

How could i be what you claim

When I can't get any one to stay?

 I see the scares on my skin

I see the imperfections on my face

I know that I can not ever win

I have depression that takes up space

I'll never see what you see

No matter how hard I look or how long I search

I fight for a day when I'll feel fucking free

I look too long and feel my

stomach lurch

I look like a fucking chick....

I sound like a girl no matter how

hard I try

I'm constantly asking you why....

Why do you see what I don't?

You'll say I'll see it if I try

But don't you see.....

.....I won't....

All because I know that I'm not perfect

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