Papyton (discontinued)

Really bad Papyton? This is my first fanfic ever so...


4. The dream

 ​Idk why I never make new paragraphs... oh well!


     When I got home I nearly slammed into the door. I was excited! "Alphys! Darling! Open the door!" The door opened slowly to reveal Alphys with a huge grin on her face. "Oh my god!" she yelled, "I saw Papyrus' text! You too are so cute!! Like OTP!!" "What?" I said, "What does that mean?" "Oh my god! OTP means one true paring, it's like when you ship-" "Nevermind, I don't speak fangirl." I said, interrupting her, she looked a little offended, but I continued anyway, "The date was amazing~" "OH my god! Tell me EVERYTHing" I told her every detail, "He looked so cute! He called me Metta! I walked him home and..." "W-what is it?" "Well I didn't think much of it, but right before he closed the door, Sans' eye looked a little weird. It was, like blue.​" "What do you mean it was blue?" "Uh, I mean it was blue, Alphys, what else would I mean?" "W-well he doesn't usually get like th-that..." "What do you mean? You barely know him!" She was silent. "I-I..." she stuttered, "w-well just be careful, M-Mettaton" I sighed, "I'm sure it's fine! He wouldn't hate me because I'm dating his brother! Right?'' "W-well I-" "Great! Now, I went on a date with Papyrus so that means that you definitely need to go on a date with Undyne!" "N-no!" she blurted blushing, "I-I mean w-what if she, what if she-"  "Alphys, darling, don't be ridiculous! Undyne looooves you! You should ask her out!" "B-but what if she says no!?" "She won't!" "But- but!" I sighed, "Why don't I just do it for you?" The was a moment of silence. "O-okay..." "Great! I'll do it tomorrow on my way to Papy's, goodnight!" She sighed and plugged me in, "Goodnight, Mettaton"

     For some reason I had a dream about Sans. There was a human. It was short and wore a green sweater with one yellow stripe. It had a smile that seemed nice, but sent chills down my spine. I told myself it was a bad idea to follow them, but I did anyway. After a while I noticed they were holding a dusty knife. I hid in the trees, I didn't want them to use that knife on me! Soon I noticed Papyrus. "Papy!" I yelled, "Watch out! They have a knife!" but for some reason neither of them even glanced at me. What is going on? Papyrus was holding his arms out as if he were going to hug the human. The human approached him slowly and stabbed him with their dusty knife. I tried to scream, Papy! ​But no sound came out of my mouth. I tried to run to his side and somehow help him! But I was frozen in place. I couldn't speak, I couldn't move, I at least wanted to tell him that I love him before he... B-but I couldn't. I couldn't even cry, the sadness built up inside me, aching to come out, but no tears fell. Papyrus' body turned to dust, only his head remained. The human laughed and crushed his head beneath with their foot. His head turned to dust. He was dead. And it had happened right before my eyes. I did nothing to stop it. I couldn't do anything to stop it. As the human walked off leaving just Papyrus' bright red scarf, another figure appeared. It was Sans. Don't get me wrong, I don't like Sans, but I wanted so badly to go and comfort him. His brother died before my eyes and I could only imagine how he felt. He was shaking at he held Papyrus' scarf. He knew exactly what had happened. Tears began to fall from his face and his eye began to glow blue just like it had when he closed the door. He looked around, probably trying to find whoever did this. When he looked in my direction he stared at me, no emotion in his face, his eyes were completely black. I felt a chill run down my spine as I stared into his seemingly soulless eyes. I looked away, trying to remind myself that his brother just died and wasn't mad at me. Sans walked off holding Papyrus' scarf, and with nothing else to do I sat in the snow, sad, cold, and alone.





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