Papyton (discontinued)

Really bad Papyton? This is my first fanfic ever so...


1. Intro Chapter? (I just can't think of a name...)

     This is gonna be really bad, but whatever let's just go

       I sat in the lab alone waiting for Alphys to get back. You see, I had a dent in my leg, and there's no way I'm going out like that.

"It's so BORING here!" I thought out loud.

Suddenly I noticed the computer was turned on.

If Alphys isn't here... maybe I can...

I logged into Undernet and sent a DM to Undyne saying, "Hey xXSpearFishXx would YOU smooch a LIZARD!?~ A. Heck Yeah!, B. HEck yeah!, C. HECK YEAH!!, or D. aLL OF THE ABOVE!!!"

She got my message almost immediately.

"Mettaton, why???" she replied.

Of course, she would answer my question I-

The computer made a ding.

"But just so you know..." Oh my god. "My answers D."

couldn't help it, I started to scream, like when Alphys did when people kissed in her animes.

I heard the door open.


"What do you want Metta-" I cut her off by pulling her over to see the text.

Alphys looked at me and grabbed her phone with an evil smirk on her face.

"HEy, CoolSkeleton95!" nonoonononno, "Would yOU smooch a ROBOT?!"    


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