Papyton (discontinued)

Really bad Papyton? This is my first fanfic ever so...


2. Undyne why

Still can't think of a name... Oh well!


     "Alphys, you can't sent that!!" I yelled. She smirked, "Why not?" "Because he, I'll, everyone will-" "SENT" I glared at her and got up. "I'm done!" I yelled with my hands up as I walked out of the lab. Where was I going? I don't have any friends I can trust right now! I headed to Waterfall. Not really for any reason in particular. Maybe I could go see Blooky or something. I started to head in that direction until, "HEY LEG-BOT!" oh no. "GET OVER HERE, ​SOMEBODY WANTS TO TALK TO YOU!!" I headed over to Undyne, "What do you want, Undy-" Suddenly I realized why she called me over here. "Undyne, why?" I whispered to her. "Revenge," she whispered back. "OH HELLO METTATON!" I heard Papyrus say. Ohnonononononononono, he probably saw the text! He must hate me! What was he going to say?! I could see him shaking his head,​ Oh, Mettaton, why would I, The Great Papyrus, love you? I couldn't handle that! I stood there awkwardly the thoughts running through my head. I looked at Undyne, but she just gave me a what the hell do you expect ​m​e to do?​ look. "Hello, Papyrus~" I said blushing. "ARE YOU ALRIGHT METTATON?" he asked. "Uh, y-yep I'm fine, darling!~" "OH GOOD, BECAUSE YOU LOOKED LIKE YOU WERE-" he paused "WAIT A MINUTE" Oh no, what now? "METTATON... ARE YOU WEARING... CLOTHES" Wait what? "Uh, yes, darling... I'm wearing clothes, in fact I have been all day" He gasped, "AND WOULD YOU SAY THOSE WERE, NICE CLOTHES?" "Why of course, darling! I mean, this is my MTT Brand performance outfit, including these gorgeous high heel boots, that you can get at your local MTT Emporium (sparkle up your day (tm))" I winked at a non-existent camera, completely forgetting this was the most awkward moment of my entire life. Undyne face-palmed and Papyrus gasped again. "OH MY GOD" he said, his eyes sparkling, "METTATON, THIS MEANS YOU'VE WANTED TO DATE ME FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!" Oh my, I'm not sure where he got that, but he's not wrong... "Oh my," I said dramatically, "how did you know!? Was it that obvious?!~" "I'm so done with you NERDS!" Undyne said walking out of the room, looking very done. "So, Papyrus," I said, "Do you maybe want to get spaghetti with me later?~" His eyes lit up at the word 'spaghetti'. "I LOVE SPAGHETTI!" Undyne peeked her head out of her room, "Spaghetti?", "SPAGHETTI!", "Spaghetti.~"



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