Forbidden Darkness

Rose is a sixteen year old girl, from a realm of light, her heart is broken forcing her to rethink her life, sending her on a dangerous adventure.

Rose sets out on a thrilling journey, meeting young Zack along the way, a Demon Prince from the dark realm.

Together they unite and battle fierce demons and other grotesque creatures stuff from nightmares, leaving them in a risky position as their emotions grow stronger towards one another


1. They Boy

Chapter one:

The boulevards are still, candles light the houses beneath, their flames glistening in each windowsill creating an enchanting atmosphere. Now that he thought about it this city was his home, Zack grew up  here, given a royal life with little struggle, he joined into the Backfire family born on September 30th 1882, they were royal and rich, his father William Backfire owned the realm of Dark-tones.
A dark realm with no light, the sun never shone here like it once did, night-time was a consistent the moon and stars were the main source of light. His father had once told him stories about the sun, when the realm shone bright, vibrant flowers grew everywhere, people were happy, that was before the curse overtook this place and its residents.


Zack remembered that the forest animals were the first to turn into beasts, bears changed first. Him and his brother had played in the garden simply outside the forest, they had heard bears snarling viciously, at that point the forest grew quiet, they had disregarded the snarling as an alpha challenge, and had kept on playing, a couple of minutes later they heard ferocious cries again, him and his brother had begun running into the forest keeping on the pebble path trying not to stray to far, tall Doerner Fir trees encompass them on either side covered with thick green leaves, as they walked further into the forest the trees became exposed bare branches intertwined with one another, the darkness changing them into shadows. The air  felt cool, fog covered the path ahead. Zack glanced around taking in their surroundings, majority of the plants were brilliantly colored, Alyssum blooms along many others lay scattered around the shrubbery beneath the bare trees, yellow lilies bunched together under an old willow tree, it's naked branches hung lazily over the way creating a maze of branches, Zack never understood how flowers developed here, Dark-tones had no sun, didn't flowers and trees need sun keeping in mind the end goal to bloom?

They strolled on ducking and slowly pushing past the branches, the path ended opening up a clearing  before them, bare trees stood tall forming a circle around the clearing concealing it from the rest of the forest. Bears stood battling one another in the center, Zack and his brother took cover behind a tall rock tucked behind a thick tree trunck, the sight was frightening the bears weren't biting one another, yet clawing viciously at each others eyes. One bears claw sank into another's eye socket, roaring in victory he tore his claw free the, eye burst leaking white fluid from the black hole, the bear mauled the other eye this time tearing it out with the eye still attached to its claw, brutally the bear ate it, leaving the victim blinded.

They had been so frightened seeing the horror before them, his younger brother clung fiercely to his arm, covering his mouth tightly with one hand, tears spilling onto his cheek, Zack squeezed his baby brothers arm trying to comfort him. The snarling suddenly stopped, Zack curiously looked around the tree, the blinded bear held its jaw tightly and savagely yanked it apart breaking the bone, leaving its jaw limply hanging wide open producing extremely sharp teeth, dark froth seeped from its mouth falling onto its fur coating it in black oil, the bear growls standing on all four legs, slowly strolling towards the far end of the circle, soon others follow, until each bear is blinded with a broken jaw. Zack had grabbed his younger brothers hand yanking him back, running back towards their home. Making it inside safely they dashed for their fathers study, hurling the doors open they discover him sitting behind his desk. slowly he lifts his glasses and looks up, his eyes narrowing on them, " What in the damnation happened to you?" He sternly asked, not sounding even a bit stressed.
" Bears they are blinding one another, breaking their jaws", Zack panted as he tried to recover his breath," they are insane." He yelled throwing his arms about.
His fathers eyes widen in surprise, quickly standing he strolled around his desk towards them, he knelt before us placing one hand on each our shoulders, " boys, I demand you to go up stairs and wait there till I get back." He orders.
" Father.. where are you going?" Will asked, eyes loaded with terror.
Zack looked at his younger sibling, he looked frightened, cheeks stained with tears, our father was going to search for the bears and he knew it, from what they had recently seen, Zack envisioned how frightened that made his baby brother feel.
" Please simply do as I say, and boys", our father delays looking from him to his brother," ,what ever happens take care of one another, promise me." He said, stress lining his tone.
They both nodded in agreement and ran upstairs, hiding out in Zack's room.
They sat tight for a long time and fell asleep on the floor, Zack with his back against the wall and Will laying his head on his older brothers shoulder.

" Boys wake up." A male voice coaxed.
Zack opened one eye and discovered his father bending down before him, his hair tousled wildly, eyes dull the skin underneath them darkened, he looked terrible.
" What's wrong father." Zack whispered not wanting to wake Will.
" We have to talk Zack,hurry and tuck your brother in then meet me downstairs." He smiled down at Will before standing to leave. Zack slowly stood gently laying Wills head on the floor trying not to wake him, he bent and took his younger brother into his arms carrying him to his bed, he lay Will down pulling the covers up till underneath his chin, bowing he planted a light kiss upon his brother's head.

He turned to leave, strolling down the stairs he could see his father pacing back and forth in the lobby. Dark Marble tiles complimented the room,making it appear larger, red walls with black down lights embellished the lobby giving it an eerie sparkle, a chandelier hung from the dome like roof, crystals sparkled onto the roof, which was decorated with grape vines painted in gold, each time he looked up it reminded him of a greenery. His father paced up and down rubbing his temples firmly, he stopped and turned as Zack reached the last step.

" Good you are here, you took longer than I expected Zack." He sternly points out.
" Sorry father."  was all he managed to say, while attempting to understand what he did wrong, he had done precisely as his father had asked, with speed, but clearly not good enough for him.
" Zack..", he stops quickly turning eagerly towards him," what you saw tonight those were demons, the demonic type, it seems since the sun disappeared our realm has ended up dark slowly making its way out of the shadows over the last few years." , he glumly looks down at the marble tiles, " These king of demons Zack, they enter your body taking control of your soul, turning you into someone you are not, they are like leaches." , he stairs deeply into my eyes, " they feed off of you until you die or kill yourself." He said, taking Zack by the shoulders kneeling before me, his arms stretched high.
" Zack my child do you understand what I am telling you, we will change, never again be the same person, we will loose each other", his look tumbles to the floor again before standing and firmly pulling him to his chest, " I love both of you never forget that, please protect your brother." he asked, pulling free from the embrace.
Zack nodded, feeling confused and scared, Zack heard his father, but he couldn't handle everything it was all too much, he needed time,  the moment his father had dismissed him, he had gone straight to bed deciding to process this all in the morning.
He had awoken at midnight from a horrid nightmare, Wills screams implode against his ears, he jumped from his bed rushing towards Wills room, flinging the door open he pales, dizziness alters his vision, falling limp to the floor he sobbed uncontrollably, that's the night everything changed, a night he decided not to talk or think about, perhaps one day he would tell somebody.


Zack stands on the balcony, observing the town below. Customers dash through boutiques, trying to get the last deals of the day, hurrying along the pathway like a pack of ants, a couple of people bump into one another, smiling apologetically before continuing to walk.
He could never understand why his kind where so bound to the most recent trends, they had to have the best clothes, the best cellphones, fanciest cars, even their homes were costly, some built their homes underground for protection,everybody competed these days.
Zack preferred being by himself, he has friends, but some where a drag, the main two demons he was close to , Lexi Marks his lady friend and Dale Drake his best friend, both families had high ranks in the demon realm, making them good allies for Zack. Leaning toward the railing he looks down into the alley below, loaded with cardboard boxes, rats battle about for the last scraps of spoiled food, Zack pitied them, he knew how hard life could be battling to survive, he has done it his whole life. Running from Fierce demons, battling them, attempting to save the town people, he was only a kid just sixteen, his fighting abilities weren't like anything anybody has ever seen recently, from time to time Zack had no control of his own moves, his strength and speed kept him alive most of the time.
He could just about hear their cheers as he killed the monsters and saved them, he never needed a hero status, all he needed was a normal life again.

Leaving he walks into the bedroom, the walls painted light blue the shade of a quieting sea, Zack appreciated the color as he discovered it calming, with all the madness around him. Zack felt that his room was his secret mystery get away, he had stayed days locked up his room, when his father had lost his mind, the change had made him emotionless, his father killed, stole and left his kingdom to starve, he never showed Zack any love since his brother Will. His bed remained in the center of the room, side tables to either side decorated with a blue shade lamp. Clothes lay about, on the floor, over the edge of the bed even on the bookshelf in the far corner, white cupboards run the length of one wall, messy and unpacked. A mirror nailed to the back of his room door comes into view, Zack moves towards it, he study's himself, carefully taking in every detail. Blonde hair with silver highlights rests on his forehead stopping just above his eyes falling over his ears and neck, his bright gold eyes stare back at him lined with a black circle proof that he was part demon, his jaw strong and bold sculptured his face, giving it a square appearance, his nose sat in proportion in the middle. Demons feared him because of his eyes, they were unusual, when a person changed their eyes lost color, and demons who were conceived bore solid black eyes. He found it difficult to make friends when growing up, no one wanted to play with him, they ran and hid in their homes. Their parents gazed at him with pity as he strolled home, that all changed when Fierce demons came about.

His father had once told him his eyes were royal, when he had discovered Zack hiding underneath the stairs crying.Many demons had teased him, calling him names, "Half breed. 'They would insult., throwing stones at him, and kicking dirty onto his clothes.

A grin forms as Zack remembers how far he has come since then, as he stairs back at his reflection he sees a man, one who has won innumerable victory's at his age, the half demon Prince who killed twenty wild fierce demons.
His appearance still appeared  the same, yet inside he had changed, that night had made him a monster, his other half lay just underneath the surface waiting. Zack would not give that a chance to happen he would attempt his best to suppress the feeling, the grin blurs as recollections flash before his eyes making him rapidly turn away, he swings to leave the room.

The lobby is empty when Zack makes it downstairs, a table set in the center of the room, covered in piles of newspapers, some weeks old, others have lay there for a long time, it gives the feeling that no ones here, cunningly though up by his father. He hated uninvited guests, it is possible that they got excused for not announcing themselves or they were simply killed on the spot bodies disposed of in the forest, dependent on how his father felt that day, the loving man he once knew no more existed. Zack spots his fathers study door covered up in the far Corner, moving over he grabs the handle pulling it down, the door opens. Stepping in Zack sees papers litter the study floor scattered everywhere, looks as though somebody had rummaged through the heap searching for something. His father's desk sits to the left, a bookshelf covers the wall behind it lined with old dusty books, ancient spell books and legends, Zack walks over to the bookshelf, investigating it, he spots the Backfire family book, curious to see whats inside, he pulls it free, the shelves slowly split swinging up on either side revealing a passage way set into the wall, he puts the book back down. 

The path is dark, dimly lit by candles placed along the path. Zack ventures through bending to recover a candle, holding it up in front of him he strolls forward.
The air smells moldy, causing Zack's nose to itch, water dribbles from the ceiling, splashing against the stone walkway below,rats rush away into the shadows as Zack approaches. He hears a soft voice, rounding the corner a light enlightens toward the end of the passage, he rushes forward slowing his pace, as a door set into the brick wall comes into view. Putting a hand on the wood he softly gives it a push, the door separates, allowing Zack enough space to peep through, the room is faintly lit by a candle standing on a wooden table, the walls covered in old bricks that have gone moldy over the last century, a concrete floor covers the room clammy from the trickling water spilling from the rooftop, vines grow along the ceiling covering the roof with green leaves. He can see a pillar in  the center of the room decorated with painted gold vines. A movement catches the corner of his eye, focusing he gives his night vision a chance to take allowing him to magnify more detail, one of his inherited abilities of course. His eyes adjust allowing him to see each detail. Zack can see a cloaked figure with its back towards him standing in front of the pillar, staring down at something on the floor.
Zack looks down shocked with the sight before him, his father is tied to the base of the pillar, spiked metal winding around his wrists and lower legs tying him down firmly.
Zack's body trembles as the cloaked figure tosses its hood back uncovering a slim female, dark curls spill out from underneath her hood, gently laying on her shoulders, lifting her hand she reaches behind her and retrieves a sword. The hilt covered with gold, making the steel blade sparkle, two words engraved on the blade, Zack cannot make them out.

His fathers eyes widen in surprise, he stairs up at the blade frightened, Zack pushes forward but stops when his fathers eyes move to where he is hiding," Run" his father slowly mouths, Zack can't, he will not leave his father to die, he knows that he should obey him, because he is half demon he should run, he was the last Blackfire left to carry on the name, but he stays put sitting tight waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

" I have come to collect what you owe." says the female, her voice is quiet and firm, moving closer to my father, she stops before moving behind him inclining around the pillar, she puts her hand on his shoulder, bending down to whisper in his ear. His body stiffens at the sound of her words, all the color draining from his face, he looks towards me once more, " I'm sorry child." he whispers, for the first time in five years his father lies before him, not the monster that consumed him.

Zack starts to panic, his father is a demon king, why is he not fighting back, he could most likely strike this woman down, she looks dainty as though she may break. The woman lifts her sword up high, forcefully she dives it downwards into my fathers chest, his face turns with sickening apprehension, looking down he pulls the sword free, letting it tumble to the floor.
Blood leaks from the open injury,staining his clothes. Zack springs forward before he can think, throwing the door open, he goes for his throwing knifes strapped to one side thigh, lifting one he throws it, the blade whirls through the air at the speed of light,before puncturing the woman's arm, she lets out a cry, stun displayed on her face, ducking she conceals herself behind the pillar.

Zack races to his father's side, pressing both hands over the wound, the bleeding doesn't stop blood seeps through his fingers, his father has lost an excessive amount of blood, he begins to panic, searching his fathers eyes for an answer, begging him to hold tight. Zack gathers his other blade and cuts open his palm, blood spills out dribbling to the floor, pushing his hand to his father's mouth, he gives his blood a chance to trickle in, immediately his father's body relaxes, then he pulls his head away giving it a chance to hang to the side, "No, I don't need you to save me my son. 'he whispers giving his head a chance to lean back against the pillar, releasing a worn out cough.

" You will die father, let me help you , please give me a chance to help you ", Zack argues pushing his hand forward again, the scene before him appears unreal, a dream...., he could save his father, his blood would heal the wound, all he has to do it force his father to drink.
" No, I must die, you must lead our people, I have been a terrible king, the evil took control of my thoughts, causing me to do unimaginable things. ", His eyes shut then open again, Zack can feel him slipping away, with a finale breath his body falls limp against the pillar, his hands falling to his sides, the color drains from his face leaving it grey, blood keeps running from the edges of his mouth recovering the material of his shirt red.

" Father, please.", he begs, but it is to late, his fathers soul has left. Zack can see his father standing before him smiling sadly at Zack before he disappears. Putting his head down he rests it softly on his father's shoulder he starts to sob. Demons did not grieve, they had to disregard their emotions from an early age, making them indestructible warriors who won't avoid to execute based on emotion, yet that is where Zack was different, he had feelings, ones he couldn't just dismiss, or discard of, only when the change occurred did every one of them dissolve into nothingness, without Zack his body would become what his fathers was. Lose is all he felt now as he cries uncontrollably material absorbing every tear, the emptiness in his chest replaced by surging anger, he wipes his eyes with the back of his hand, taking a couple of full breaths he stands and spins around, he finds the female standing behind him holding her arm firmly arm, it is bleeding, he had cut her when throwing his dagger, he had meant to do much worse, he had set out to kill her.
Zack felt annoyed at himself for missing he never missed, next time she would not be so fortunate. Her stair never leaving him, green eyes scan his body, studying him, confusion set on her face, her black curls compliment her golden skin. 

A burning sensation rises behind his eyes, they begin to burn, he can feel the change coming, he's here under the surface sitting tight waiting for a chance to take control, to save his body at any cost, Zack pushes down the feeling attempting to regain control of his body, the feeling is strong just about making Zack want to let go and give in, his hands begin to shake uncontrollably sending vibrations through his whole body, attempting to suppress the feeling only aggravates it, yet he needs to guard himself.
After a couple of minutes, his eyes return to normal, however the displeasure still threatens to escape, it had each chance to yet he knows what she is, he must control himself. The female study's him, trying to pursue his look," Who are you.", she demands in an authoritative voice. " I am his son.", He points towards his fathers limp body," you slaughtered him!", Zack yells trusting she can feel the annoyance emanating from him, if she does she doesn't show it, rather steps closer to him closing the gap between them, he can feel her warm breath against his skin, the green in her eyes darkened, her brows knit together as she study's him.

Zack understands what her kind are 'Light warriors' otherwise called killers, they are angel warriors from the Light realm, they gather debts owed to the gods, they tend to take the lives of those who have murderer, and broken the laws, they appall him. Zack spits at her feet, causing her to jump back, minutes after she recaptures her warrior position moving closer to him, her power vibrating from her skin sending chills down Zack's spine, he doesn't give in he stands feet planted to the floor, pushing on his tippy toes to seem more taller, unfortunately he looks directly into her neck, she looms over him looking down towards him.

" Ah yes the young prince, you must control your anger and review what I am, you stand zero chance." her eyes drill into his," Your father broke the rules, the gods sent me to collect his soul.", she glances up before prefixing her eyes on me, " Don't be a fool, let this one go, it will be for your own good." She insists.

Anger sours through my veins, " You killed him, in front of me, my only father you took him away." He cries out in anger.


The light warrior shifts placing her index finger to her bottom lip, she looks at him, confusion clouded her face, green eyes glow back at him, " What are you?" She finally asks," you show emotion, when others cannot, and your... eyes." she stretches her hand towards his face, he quickly steps back avoiding her touch. If you were so much as to lay a hand on him, his skin would burn from her holy power maybe even kill him, her hand falls resting at her side, realization fills her eyes, she could kill him, should she kill him?

" I'm sorry, I didn't know about you." looking down sadly she breaths deeply before looking at him again, this time with regretful eyes.

" Would it have made a difference had you known?" He spits out.

" No, but I would of done this somewhere else." she states motioning around the room, towards the pillar where my dead fathers body lay.

That's it Zack has had enough of this women's words, he is angry filled with revenge, jumping forward he takes a swing at her with his knife pointing directly at her heart, spinning to the side she keeps away from the blow spinning to face him once more, he tumbles forward steadying himself against the wall, he hears her curse softly, turning around he sees her unbuttoning the coat giving it a chance to tumble to the floor around her, Zack hears a noisy whoosh and after that feels a gust of wind blast through the room, knocking him to his back, the stone floor stings his skin tearing his shirt open, hands grab the color of his shirt, tossing him across the room slamming into the far wall, bones break leaving him paralyzed and in agony.

The light warrior stands over his body, large wings stretch out behind her, layers of think Gray feathers coat there exterior, a blinding light strikes his eyes, as she puts the sword against his throat it stings, burning his skin, he thrushes around wildly attempting to free himself however she pins him down with one knee.

" Stop struggling boy, you tried to kill me, do you have a death wish.", she seethes.

" Get off of me you executioner!" ,Zack tosses his arms up knocking the sword from her grasp, it falls to the floor cutting his leg on the way down, as it tumbles with a clang.

The cut throbs, brutally burning, he screams, his vision bluing in the corner of his eyes, sweat streams down his forehead,inhaling he gasps for air, feeling choked his eyes start to water, Zack felt as though an invisible force choked him, he begins to panic squeezing the light warriors arm firmly, pleading with her to kill him, quiet green eyes stare withdraw at him, filled with stress and regret ,darkness takes control and Zack looses conciseness.

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