Forbidden Darkness

Rose is a sixteen year old girl, from a realm of light, her heart is broken forcing her to rethink her life, sending her on a dangerous adventure.

Rose sets out on a thrilling journey, meeting young Zack along the way, a Demon Prince from the dark realm.

Together they unite and battle fierce demons and other grotesque creatures stuff from nightmares, leaving them in a risky position as their emotions grow stronger towards one another


2. The Betryal

Smoke wafts over the table,boys puff on their Cuban cigars, filling the room with thick mist, others sit at the bar, clowning about, some stand tossing darts at a board on the most distant side of the room. The bar is full filled with young boys from campus, their faces glow red from the liquor. Green lights enlighten bottles stacked on racks behind the counter, a male bartender wearing a cowboy hat, whirls glasses around in his grasp performing a little trick on occasion, based on his efforts he is new at this. Leather sofas run along the wall packed with young girls giggling loudly. Rose rolls her eyes satisfied not to associated with them. A back door sits in the wall behind the pool table where she is playing, and a bathroom sits to her left, a queue of women outside. Rose leans down concentrating on the ball before her, squinting she pulls the stick back and drives it forward thumping the white ball towards another. The blue number two sinks into the far corner opening, the young men quit snickering and kidding about, the room falls silent as a boy walks through the front door. A dark hoodie hides his face, yet she feels his presence, the tinkle on her arm send shudders down her spine, she straightens and leans against the edge of the table, pool stick in the other hand helping her keep balance. Everyone's eyes are on him, following him across the room as he heads towards her, obviously she grins, feeling pleased she is his, many students dread him as a result of his family name,they are the second wealthiest family in The city of Light. Obviously her family ruled the realm and she was a princess, however he came next making him a fitting match, if only she could prevent his eyes from wandering time to time. He walks towards her calmly, his hands tucked into his jean pockets, a grey shirt peeps out from underneath the hoodie. A golden lock rests upon his face, he stops before her tossing the hood back. Light strikes his skin giving it a sparkle, golden hair tied back into a bun, with a couple of strands that have figured out how to escape outline his face superbly. William Fargo stands before her, his perfect looks distract her, he lifts an eyebrow giving her a provocative smirk. " Like what you see princess." He wiggles both brows making her let out a loud chuckle. Rose loved it when William acted like a jokester, particularly only for her, others never saw his real side. His family had a status entrusting him to keep it a decent one, a ton of weight placed upon him. Rose moves forward pulling him into a hug, pressing firmly, she has missed him this last summer. Large mussels press against her skin, his chest rising and falling gradually joining hers. He kisses her neck then steps back, she composes herself, looking around she sees a lot of students staring at them. obviously she hadn't thought about this. Affection in public is disapproved of, it showed your weakness. If you somehow managed to get married, away from plain view is the only time you could show love to each other. The law saddened her, love and affection were not a weakness, displeasure was.

" I missed you." I say feeling butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

" I've missed you too Rose, was hoping I would find you here." He says smiling.

" Well you found me." she says tossing both hands high in the air, giving off an impression of being easygoing. The majority of students go back to what they were busy with, however most still watch them, making her feel uneasy.

"Lets go round back what you say?" William asks, stretching out his neck toward the back door. Rose takes the hint and heads towards the back exit with William close behind her. When she ventures outside, the natural air smells and tastes great, a hand snatches her wrist turning her around, two greens eyes stair into hers.

" What's wrong, you're acting extremely odd?" I question him. Why wont he simply spill already, this anticipation is getting her worked up. He draws closer shutting the space between them, his breath feels warm against her skin.

" Rose I have to talk to you."

"What is it Will, you're getting me worked up." she says. " Promise me you wont get angry?" He whispers, eyes loaded with stress. What ever he is going to tell her cannot be good, in the event that he knows she could get that angry over this then perhaps shed better attempt stay calm.

" I'm simply going to tell you." He stops looking around, verifying if anybody is around other than them, his eyes land on her.

" Rose I'm leaving, they picked me to become a Light Warrior." He spits the words out so quickly they sound cluttered. He fiddles with his hands showing her he's nervous. Rose hears him however she quit listening after he said he was leaving, his lips move shaping words, she is too shocked, making it impossible to understand what he is saying at this moment. Her stomach feels as if it needs to drop out, her heart beats quickly threatening to explode from her chest. The air becomes hard to breathe in, her lungs feel compressed. She steady's herself against the brick wall, attempting to deal with his words, they hurt every time he repeats himself.

" I'm leaving please say something." He yells, snatching both her shoulders. Eyes search hers for an answer, but the only thing she can do is stand there, too stunned, making it impossible to do anything. Four years back she would have never envisioned William leaving her, and now he was deserting her, not by decision but rather because the law required it.

" Hear me out, I'll come see you when I can Rose, it wont be for long." He says, pulling her to his chest.

" I love you always remember that, promise me you wont forget." He whispers softly into her ear. She nods once since she doesn't have anything else to say.

" Fight for us." She sobs into his neck. " Please Will don't go." Usually she was strong when it came to emotionless, but William had always been a soft spot in her heart, he controlled it, and now he had shattered it. Suddenly he steps back grabbing both her shoulders lightly shaking her.

" Are you crazy Rose!" He shouts outrage burning behind his eyes, " They will kill me, you realize that."

" I can speak to my father, have him pardon you, please Will." I cry hysterically.

" No, I love you Rose, yet you know I am not a quitter." He removes his hands letting them gradually rest to his sides. " they have chosen me, I should go, Honor above all else." He repeats those hurtful words, making her flinch back, her heart hurts, sending painful torment through her chest. She grips it screaming loudly. William moves forward eyes loaded with stress, but stops before coming too close. Rose feels her knees give in and tumbles to the floor, tears spilling from her eyes staining her cheeks. All she needs is for him to comfort her and stay, yet he wont the expression on his face says it all.

" You'll get through this, I know you will, your strong Rose.", "One of the most grounded girls I know, I'll be back I promise." With that he swings to leave. Rose stairs after him until he disappears around the corner. The pain in her chest dies down leaving an empty feeling in her heart, once where there was love now replaced by anger. William has abandoned her, after she had trusted him to stay he had still picked the law, he showed her where his loyalties lay, she would not be second best to anybody. Cleaning her self off, and wiping her tears with the back of her sleeve, she sucks up every one of her feelings, sadness would not help her now, neither would looking vulnerable, composing herself she swings back inside.

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