Me and Him

Emma will never be the same after that one night stand...
Wes won't stop until he finds her...


3. One Direction

Emmas POV: 

Suddenly it all goes dark.

Everyone starts buzzing around us trying to figure out what happened 

Then on the stage a light turns on

The crowd goes wild as they realize One Direction is on the stage.

But there's 5 of them... 

Wait! Did Zayn come back!!!

No this new boy has Dirty Blonde hair but it's mostly brown and hazel eyes from what I can see on the big screens. 

"Who is he?" I ask Reign 

" I have no idea... But he is super cute!" She says back 

I just stare up at him.

He catches everyone's eyes with his.

He's mysterious.

He's perfect.


Authors Note

Sorry I haven't updated in a while guys.

I just ended school and now I'm free to write more 


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