Amalia Woods isn't a normal girl. She wears a black mask, she has ever since she was 6 years old and hasn't taken it off.
What happens when her best friend takes her to a concert and meet and greet?
Will she take off the mask and knock down her walls of insecurity or will she feel worse?


1. It Isn't Just A Dream

Amalia's POV

~In Her Dream~

I was on the school bus, coming home from school, getting bullied once again.

I may be 6 years old but I still have as many insecurities as a moody teenage girl.

"Your teeth are so crooked and weird!"

"Cover up your face! I don't want more nightmares!"
"You don't deserve to be on this bus! Go outside and walk home in the thunder storm!"

"Your too different! Different isn't good!"

"Tomorrow you can't play with us! Any of us!"

"Don't show up to school tomorrow!"




I was crying and crying, looking out the window, staring at the rain.

I wish I could go to a different school, the kids at this one are too mean.

It was my stop, I ran off the bus and ran into my house.

My mom was home but like usual, my dad wasn't.

I ran into her arms and continued crying but harder.

She tried to sooth me but it didn't work, it never works anymore.

"Did they do it again?" Mom asked me.

I nodded my head continuing to let the tears fall down my face.

It happens everyday.

I stopped crying about 25 minutes later then decided to ask my mom a question, the one I ask everyday.

"Can we move away from here? Can I go to another school?" 

She gave me an apologetic smile then sadly shook her head no.

"I wish we could but we don't have enough money. I don't make a lot of money and your father is never home and says he doesn't make much either. I'm sorry honey, I really am. Once we get enough money and if they haven't stopped then we can leave. I promise." Her soft voice soothed me.

I tried to smile but it didn't work too well.

We went to McDonald's then went to bed.

Dad still wasn't home and it worries me.

What if he never comes back?

The next morning mom came into my pink room with a big smile on her face.


"Good morning Amalia! I have an idea."

Her ideas were always amazing and she knew how to make me happy.

"What is it mommy?" I asked her.

She pulled out a black mask from behind her back and smiled even more.

It has black and silver, sparkly designs that looked like swirls.

It was beautiful.

"If you wear this mask, you will look even more pretty and those kids at your school might stop bullying you because they wouldn't be able to see your face. Only those beautiful blue eyes and your teeth." 

When she said teeth, my smile faded and she noticed.

"But don't worry Am, you're going to get braces tomorrow so you will have perfect teeth!" 

I smiled again and ran out of my bed to hug her.

She brushed my hair then left me to get ready for school but she didn't leave the mask.

"What about the mask?" I asked her.

"You can wear it tonight, or put it on Monday morning. Today is Friday." 

I pouted but she turned around then went to go make me some toast.

I got ready then went into the kitchen to only see my mom at the counter.

"Where is daddy?" I said in my innocent little girl voice.

"He won't be coming back sweetie, I'm sorry. He didn't want to say goodbye. He got arrested and he is in jail. Him and I got a divorce so he can't see you anymore but he is a dangerous man. If he comes to you then tell me and I will tell the police. He can hurt you Amalia, I'm so sorry." She said to me while tears ran down her cheeks.

I started crying but mom told to not cry so I tried my best.

I went on the bus then the bullying continued.

When I came home, mom and I sat on the couch watching Disney movies while eating ice cream and crying because I got bullied and dad wouldn't come home.

On Sunday night, I got the mask.

I decided to not take it off, ever.

Not for showers, not for bed, not for changing my clothes, not for swimming, not for nothing.

"You're not a judge but if you're going to judge me, then sentence me to another life." I said while put on the mask.

~End Of Dream~

I screamed while sitting up.

Sweating and panting, I felt my upper face where my mask would've been and it was still there.

Most people would tell themselves it's just a dream but not me.

It's my reality.

My past.

My life.

I haven't got rid of the mask and I never will.

It ends at the bottom of my nose and it's still in perfect shape.

I'm 18 years old and I'm in my senior year.

12 years since I put on the mask.

12 years since my mom has seen my face.

I have never actually taken it off but I will move it around so I could use my acne wipes to clean my face and to do my makeup.

I do basically just foundation and concealer for pimples and redness, then I do my eye makeup.

I of course do my lips also but it's usually either black, red or dark purple.

I'm thought to be emo or goth but I don't think that I am.

My best friend and my only friend Alyssa is currently obsessing over a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer and thinks that the drummer Ashton Irwin will marry her but she is just a fan girl.

She got us tickets for their concert and meet and greet since they are in our city tomorrow.

I have a car, so we will drive out of town in about 2 hours to get settled so we can see their concert and stuff, then stay in a hotel for 2 more days, then drive back home.

We were planning a little get a away for about 6 years now but we didn't have the money or a car.

We still don't have a lot of money so I don't know how she could afford the tickets but I won't ask.

I start packing my bags, well bag and purse.

Well my purse is like a really weird super hero messenger bag but it's really small.

I don't like the band but she doesn't have any other friends or a car so I volunteered to go with her.

She entered my house with a crap ton of bags.

"What the hell are you bringing with you?" I ask her.

She shrugs then looks at me.

"Well, I get to meet my idols tomorrow so I have to look my best of course!"

She is insane.

I am not ready for anything that is going to happen in the next few days,

I'm doing this for her.

I want her to be happy.


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