In between (marauders/golden trio)*Sirius Black

Ella Lightwood was an ordinary half blood witch.With a lot of friends in Hogwarts.But she never wanted to know the secrets that laid under her mothers disappearance.And at the same time she has to fall for the Hogwarts player. THIS STORY ALSO WILL BE TOLD AFTER HOGWARTS.


1. biography

Hello lads my name is Ella Lightwood.I am currently 11 years old.I am a half blood witch.I also love with my dad,my mom disappeared when I was just a child so I don't remember her.My best friend is Remus Lupin,I don't know why but he seems kind of distant lately,ohh well.When I grow up I want to be like my dad an auror.

I have white hair,I know it's weird.But my dad says my mom had hair like that.I also have dark green eyes that remind me of a forest in the summer.I am not to tall or to short, I am not fat but not to thin so average.I live in Story Brooke near Remus.Ohh and I can't wait to go to Hogwarts.

Well I think this is it so let the story begin💯

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