In between (marauders/golden trio)*Sirius Black

Ella Lightwood was an ordinary half blood witch.With a lot of friends in Hogwarts.But she never wanted to know the secrets that laid under her mothers disappearance.And at the same time she has to fall for the Hogwarts player.



4. 3

Remus pove:

As I open the door to my house I see my best friend Ella standing there breathing heavily.Whats wrong with her?"Ella are you all right?"I ask,she had the glimmer in her left blue eye saying that some thing great just happened."Well you see Remus some thing happened and it's just perfect!"

She takes out of her pocket a nicely folded letter,I recognized it in a flash the Hogwarts letter"Bloody hell Ella it's great I got it too!"

And just like that she hugs me"Ohh Remus I wish we will be in the same house,won't that just be great.Promise we will always stay best friends no matter what!"

I am sure I was greening at the top of my face.Of course Ella we will always be together.Always.

"Remus we should all so go together to Diagon Allay"

"Yes my parents and me are going tomorrow want to come with us.

"Sure I will ask my dad."And at these words she trust around and starts skipping home.

And suddenly just like a fire blot hit me I remembered who I really am.A werewolf.At Hogwarts grounds that was very new,I really did not want to hurt her,she was my best friend I will never want to hurt her.Ohh please god don't wake me hurt her.

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