In between (marauders/golden trio)*Sirius Black

Ella Lightwood was an ordinary half blood witch.With a lot of friends in Hogwarts.But she never wanted to know the secrets that laid under her mothers disappearance.And at the same time she has to fall for the Hogwarts player.



3. 2

Ella's pove:

I do not know how much I sleep but I slept long enough for the sun to rise into the sky."Ella,come down I have to tell you something!"my dads voice echoed through the house a second time in less then an hour. As I step onto the wood floor of my bed I try and remember the dream I had,ok Ella not now,not right now! Stepping out from my bed room I head to the kitchen where my dad is supposed to be.As I near the kitchen door I almost nock Pixy my house elf."Terribly sorry miss"mumbles the tiny house elf.All ways strange little creatures this house elf's.That made my moods a little more better thinking about the super natural.

As i entered the kitchen father was already sitting at his usual chair,near the window,with his daily prophet spread out on his lap."Ahh Ella I see you have woke up,for a second time"he chuckles.I slightly giggles.Father always trying to act funny but ends up being weird."so daddy what is the big news you wanted to tell me?"Fathers greens eyes look at me before saying..."Dear Ella Lightwood I am pleased to informe you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry.

I almost jump through the ceiling.Me getting a Letter saying that I was a real witch.That was the best day of my life.Ohhh wait until I tells Remus,maybe he also got a letter.

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