In between (marauders/golden trio)*Sirius Black

Ella Lightwood was an ordinary half blood witch.With a lot of friends in Hogwarts.But she never wanted to know the secrets that laid under her mothers disappearance.And at the same time she has to fall for the Hogwarts player.



2. 1

It was an early Saturday morning in StoryBrook lane.Then sun began to show through the misty night clouds,and the birds began there morning routine,and the most normal thing on a Saturday morning was to hear the deep voice of mister Lightwood screaming through the hole house...

-Ella Lightwood you come here right this instant!As you may presume Ella was trying to sneak out of the house to go visit her sick friend Remus.

"But daddy I just want to be sure that Remus is ok,he was not there for a hole week an I am very bothers me, the 11 year girl wimped.

"Yes Ella but you know the rules of early Weekend morning you,may go out of your house strictly at eight.Her father said with a monotone voice"now young lady you go up to your room and you may not descend,until I call you for breakfast"Mister Lightwood said trying to put this most aggressive face he can make.But it turned into a weird looking one.

The girl saw that she had no choice but to go to her room.As she marched up the stairs she passed her fathers room that was always locked on key,weird but yet normal,she did respect her father privacy.

Coming into her cost little room.She popped her self on her bed and fell asleep.

In her dream she saw flash of bright lights,and a voice screaming over and over again"I have to leave,for her on safety please let me go,she is too young,she is different please!!!"

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