Baby and I makes Two


1. Chapter 1


"You what!" My father paces the like a lion stalking its prey.

"I'm sorry....It was only a mistake. I didn't mean..."

"You did't mean to? What do you mean you didn't mean to? When did this happen? Who's the father? Do I know him?"  I can see the flames rising him in. His anger, but also the fear. He's too young to be a grandfather.

"It was at Soph's party. 3 weeks ago. I did tell you I was going but you never listen."

"You;re 15. Who's the father?" he screams. I remember that night in the bedroom. His warm breath on my neck, his hands wandering all around, undoing my bra strap. I could feel him inside me. I felt close to him. To Jamie.

"It's Jamie." I felt guilty. I'd only known Jamie all of 3 weeks. How did I know that he wasn't just like any other boy- that he wouldn't just leave me alone with the baby? Maybe I can trust him? I do have his number after all.  I begin to think about mum. 

There were times like this where the whole world  was turned upside down in just 1 second. The worst one was mum. 

My seventh birthday

Mum came home late tonight. She's always home late. She says it's because of doctors appointments but I don't believe her.  Hang on. It's dinner time. 

At the table

"So Violet, we need to have a chat. You know how I have had doctors appointments nearly every day?" I nod

"Well, today I was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma which is a rare form of cancer."

"Cancer?" I'm 7. How am I meant to know what Cancer is?

"It basically means I'm dying, however the doctor said that I have at least 3 months to live."I storm off to my room. How could God do this to us. Mum has always been kind and loving and generous. She doesn't deserve to die.

2 weeks later

Mum 's in hospital. Again. They say here cancer is spreading more quicker than they expected it to. We are staying over tonight in the hospital.

That night

I hold mums hand as it gets colder and colder. Slowly her soul fades away and there is nothing left of her. Dad lifts himself up of the chair and quietly goes to get a doctor. The nurse comes in and covers mum up with the bed sheet. How could she leave me like this?

This is the end of my world.


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