Star Trek Defiance: Betrayal

Michael, Chloe and the others explore a world that is a relic from another universe to find a way to defeat Lord Serenity, only to be betrayed by one of their own and face Serenity as they disband.


5. 5

There was a sound of a large explosion as the ship shook violently and a pillar of flame fired forth through the blown out main entrance as Goku and Michael dodged to the right while outside the four main engines of Serenity’s U shaped ship exploded.  Large pieces of metal (including metal frame beams along the throne room’s walls) fell from the sides and walls as there were multiple explosions and the machines surrounding the room’s entrances and walls were crushed by the various falling debris.  Serenity looked up both shocked and sadden when he suddenly saw debris falling about him and he immediately covered his head with his hands and kneeled as he tighten his muscles and pieces of burning wreckage fell and crashed around or bounced off him till he was engulfed by steel beams and large pieces of burning rubble.  Michael embraced Goku alongside the wall, as if to protect him, as the debris fell and the computer consoles along the walls exploded sending glass and sparks flying everywhere.  The throne chair in the middle of the room was suddenly smashed by a single, large, black, metal beam as it struck down the center of it sending artistic rock and metal pieces either falling to the deck or flying about hitting the walls or other machines and after a while the falling debris and multiple minor explosions stopped.


    Michael let go of Goku as they looked around at the burning wreckage and Michael sighed with satisfaction and said, “Thank God he’s dead.” There was a metal screeching sound and various large metal debris fell away to reveal Serenity and he looked untouched with the exception of a black smudge on his face and his uniform partially ripped on the shoulders and sleeves.  A robotic male voice echoed as Serenity looked up, “Port and Starboard engines 1 and 2 destroyed.  Ship critically damaged.  Entering planetoid Wol III’s atmosphere in t minus thirty-five minutes, twelve seconds and counting.” Serenity screamed, “NOOO!” Michael and Goku saw Serenity’s face turn red in anger and Michael said sarcastically, “Sorry dude, good luck on trying to conquer the galaxy without a ship.” Before he knew it, Serenity appeared right in front of him and punched Michael in the chest sending him flying back and falling into the burning rubble as Serenity screamed in anger.  Goku grabbed him by the waist and threw him back, only Serenity was able to land on his feet with ease, breaking his fall.  Serenity looked at him and made a menacing smile and said, “Come on Goku, lets see what you got.” Goku screamed in anger as he charged at Serenity in a blink of an eye, but Serenity disappeared as Goku tried to punch him in the face and Serenity reappeared right behind him and punched Goku in the back of the head only for Goku to disappear as well.  Serenity disappeared as he tried to give chase and Michael appeared from the burning wreckage and looked angry as he flexed his muscles and clinched his fists only to find Goku and Serenity were nowhere in sight.  


    Michael’s visual display said, “Slowing sight 2x speed.” And then he saw Goku and Serenity flying about trying to land punches on each other but they either  blocked or missed when all of a sudden Goku was punched directly in the face and flew back, slamming his back onto a steel beam as he hit the floor and grunted in pain.  Serenity also reappeared as he screamed in anger and was about to punch Goku in the face again when suddenly he was tackled from the left by Michael and slammed Serenity against the wall before he and Michael fell to the floor.  Michael immediately got up first, grabbed Serenity by the collar, flipped him over and slammed his back onto the deck with full force, creating a dent on the metal plating below Serenity’s back.  In a blink of and eye, Serenity tripped Michael, flipped him over and locked his right arm and legs behind him as Serenity pulled trying to break Michael’s back.  Michael grunted and growled as he struggled to break from his grip when suddenly, using all his body force, he flipped Serenity over and slammed his back onto the deck and then tried to lock his arm and legs as Serenity did to him when Serenity easily slipped beneath him, flipped in the air and kicked Michael’s back sending Michael sprawling onto the deck.  Serenity smiled and said, “Come on, you can do better than that.” As Michael tried to get up Serenity tried to punch him in the back only that Michael immediately turned around and grabbed his fist and began to squeeze as Michael cringed in anger.  Serenity smiled and continued to smile as Michael squeezed and said, “Good, very good.  But, I was weak at this age in my life.” He then pulled his fist away, ripping it out of Michael’s grasp, and made a roundhouse kick only for Michael to block it with his right forearm.  Just as Michael blocked it, Serenity flipped in the air (over Michael’s right forearm) and made a sideways figure eight as he tried to make a roundhouse kick with his right foot and kicked Michael across the face, knocking him onto the deck.  Serenity laughed and yelled, “See!  I know all of my moves!” When Michael got back up Serenity made another roundhouse kick to surprise him only for Michael to grab his foot and twist his leg.  Unfortunately Serenity counteracted the move by making another figure eight but Michael knocked his foot away and charged forward and grabbed Serenity by the collar, only for Serenity to grab him in a bear hug and tried to snap his back.  Michael immediately yanked his body back and slammed onto the deck forcing Serenity’s grasp to loosen and then he grabbed Serenity’s throat with both hands and squeezed only for Serenity to smirk and rasp, “This could take awhile.” Michael glared at him in anger and replied, “It will.” And he head butted Serenity in the face making him fly back as he yelped in pain and blood from his nose flying into the air.


    As Serenity flew back he kicked Michael in the chest and he flew and struck his back against a steel beam, making it bend, as he grunted in pain.  Just as he was about to get up he heard and saw Serenity yelling as he threw a punch at his face but dodged it and ran forward, grabbing Serenity by the throat and yanked him back as Michael ran past him and slammed his back into the rubble beneath him.  Just as Serenity was about to flip over Michael, Goku appeared overhead and he yelled as he charged down and elbowed Serenity in the stomach as Serenity looked surprised and yelped/gasped in pain.  Goku then grabbed Serenity and threw him up in the air and began forming a Kao-kan when suddenly Serenity vanished and reappeared making a roundhouse kick at Goku’s face knocking Goku off his stance.  Michael screamed and threw his left fist at Serenity’s left gut, only Serenity flipped over his fist, grabbed his forearm and flipped Michael over him and slammed him onto his back and in one sudden movement he snapped Michael’s arm and Michael screamed in pain.  Goku screamed in anger as he charged and head butted Serenity on the left gut, knocking him onto the rubble and Goku suddenly began punching him rapidly in the chest and stomach as he yelled in anger when suddenly Serenity threw both his fists forward and punched Goku directly in the chest sending flying back till he slammed his back on top of rubble and began gasping for air.  


    Serenity groaned as he started getting up but Michael was already on his feet, holding his right arm, and in one sudden rotation of his shoulder/arm (while clamping his mouth shut tight) he relocated it and looked over at Goku and asked, “Goku, are you all right?” Goku stumbled as he stood up and replied, “Yeah, boy he can throw a punch.” Michael smirked and said, “You’re dealing with my future self remember.” Goku asked, “What are we...” Serenity roared with rage as he ran and punched both of them in the face and knocked them both down onto the deck.  He then grabbed Goku by the right leg and threw him slamming Goku into the wall before falling back down.  Suddenly Michael jumped back up onto his feet and as Serenity threw Goku, Michael punched Serenity directly in the spine column and Serenity yelped as he stumbled onto his knees.  Michael then grabbed Serenity and threw him back so hard Serenity’s back bounced off the wall and he fell face forward onto the deck.  But just as he was about to hit the floor he vanished and reappeared right before Michael as he roared with rage, grabbed Michael by the collar as he ran at him and slammed Michael’s back onto the deck so hard that the deck shook and the metal plating, below Michael’s back, bent.


    Serenity grabbed Michael by the collar and pulled him till his face is right in front of him and Serenity yelled, “YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT....” Suddenly Michael stabbed Serenity’s right eye (deep) with a sharp piece of metal and Serenity screamed so loud that Michael and Goku cringed as their ears hurt.  As Serenity was distracted by the pain and tried to grab the piece of metal, Michael kicked Serenity in the mid-section with both of his feet that Serenity flew back till he bounced off the wall and fell forward hard onto the deck.  Serenity scrambled up and sat back up against the wall and in one motion he yanked the shard of metal out of his right eye socket and skull with both hands and blood and hydraulic fluid sprayed out till Serenity immediately covered where his right eye was with both hands and blood and hydraulic fluid immediately began seeping through.  Michael grunted as he stood up and brushed himself off as he looked at Serenity’s anger/painful expression and said, “Now their won’t be any confusion of who’s who.” There was a sound of a woman screaming in anger and both Michael and Goku looked up to Michael’s right and saw Chloe with one of her samurai swords raised over her head as she fell towards Michael and Michael stepped back just in time as the sword was meant to slice him directly in half but instead made a deep gash from his left shoulder down to his left hip and he stumbled and fell onto his back as blood flew into the air and Chloe landed on her feet.


    Michael held his left side as blood seeped through his right hand as he looked up at Chloe, as she stood over him, and gasped, “Why Chloe?” She made a roundhouse kick knocking Michael back and a spittle of blood flew from his mouth and as she came around she drove her sword through his stomach and into the deck.  Michael screamed in agony as he grabbed the sword with both hands and Chloe twisted the sword clockwise as Michael cringed and gritted his teeth as groaned loudly in pain.  Goku screamed, “NO!” As he sped towards Chloe when suddenly Serenity tackled him from the left with his right hand on Goku’s left side of his face and slammed his head up against the wall so hard that it dazed him and fell back on his knees as he groaned in pain.  Chloe looked at Serenity as he stumbled to his feet and she said dryly, “Thanks.” Serenity (with his right hand over where his right eye was with blood mixed with hydraulic fluid dripping out of) replied, “Remember, don’t kill him.” Chloe cringed in disgust as she looked down at Michael and in one thrust she pulled her sword out and blood and oil flew out as well as Michael yelped in pain and he grasped both his hands over the wound and cringed/groaned in pain.  Through the pain Michael was just able to say, “You, traitor.” Chloe replied, “No, you.  For not taking care of your family and only cared about everyone else.” Suddenly she was kicked on the left side of her face and she fell onto the deck as she yelped in pain. 

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